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3 Business Success Rules To Avoid Becoming Roadkill

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008
UPDATE 12/4/08: I’m excited to announce that beginning Monday, December 8, Judy will share her insights here as we begin a daily dialog on Enlightened Organizations.

David & Rebecca VanAmburg,

Judy & Jim Berg

Enlightened Organizations: Ethics


Jim and Judy Berg of British Columbia have become dear friends of ours over the past few years. They began as clients, and became business partners.

The Bergs have continuously traveled the world for many years in their businesses. This week, Judy flew across Canada to give a presentation that merged her most recent book with our theme on Enlightened Organizations.

She ran again into something we find all too common these days – the wanna-be business marketing gurus with fast pitches and high prices, who leave carnage in their wake. It’s called field of vision – or depth. And some people talk about it but don’t have much depth.


Women Office-Workers Prefer Computers To Men: Study

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

CosmoGirl Article: “Sometimes relationships can get a little too serious, and when that happens it might be a good idea to regress to childhood. Begin with some flirty kisses on his chest and abs, and then when he least expects it, blow on his tummy and tickle him.” If this is for young teen fun, what do they recommend in seriousness?”

Marketing: Enlightened Advertising


“An online poll of more than 2,600 US adults conducted by Harris Interactive shows women office workers spend nearly triple the amount of time with their computer as they do with their significant other – 9.3 hours with the disk drive and keyboard compared with 3.6 hours with their human partner.

“And only one in five of the women says she wishes she could spend more time with her partner than with her computer, even if the latter causes them pain, often in the form of carpal tunnel syndrome, according to the poll.”

Women office-workers prefer computers to men: study – Technology –


30 Years Of Research & Systems Development

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Brilliant Marketing Solutions

Marketing: Client Solutions


Since we began VanAmburg Group in 1977, we have worked with thousands of clients, mostly in North America. During those 30 years, we learned a few things, and developed a few more. Within confidentiality limits, we’ve decided to share many of them with you. Every week over the coming months, we’ll add multiple articles, templates, case studies, interviews with thought leaders and CEOs, and tutorials, along with trends and analysis on everything at the intersection of research, planning, marketing and technology.

Read about us. Welcome aboard.

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