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Hope – Optimism

Around the world, there will be no shortage of great commentary today as millions of people gather in Washington, or huddle in front of their television sets, to watch the inauguration of Barak Obama. It will be one of those, “Where were you when…” days.


But I want to focus less on the man – and more on the consciousness of the moment.

Watch the crowds – feel their energy – interpret that energy.

This is not about a man, a superhero, able to clean up a serious global mess. This is about a moment in which global collective energy is positive, hopeful and optimistic.

My hope is that we understand the power of that energy – sustain it – focus on what is good – create more of what is good for all of us…believe we can each contribute to making this a just and loving society.

If we will commit to doing that – then, this day will have meaning.

We would like to hear the thoughts and feelings you are having on this historic day. Please leave your comments.


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2 Responses to “A Day For Hope and Optimism”

  1. NickCorsi Says:

    Good leaders are enablers. Throughout this campaign I have held fast to the idea that Barrack Obama is an inspiration to the some of the most devastated people in America, and the World over for that matter. Although I would never trivialize the importance of policy choice and Congressional interface, enabling a population to forget fear and push forward is what will bring them out of this dismal state. Bringing ourselves out of a depressed mode does not come via the act of sitting back and waiting for control to be taken, but by taking the initiative and working the problems.

  2. JudyBerg Says:

    I couldn't agree more, Nick – in some ways, perhaps, Obama's legacy is already achieved. I got to thinking this when someone raised the unthinkable- that this President may suffer the same ends as Lincoln, Kennedy etc… but as I thought about that, it occurred to me, should that happen, he has already performed the enabling role you talk about – because I do not think anyone in this leadership role could take the nation back to where they were – FEAR instead of HOPE.

    I read this quote somewhere a long time ago…not sure who said it… but it has been a guide for me in all the management roles I have held – "Of great leaders they will say, "We did it ourselves."

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