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Am I the only person who wants to run when a network marketer starts their presentation by telling me, “this product, service, or whatever has been developed, endorsed by, and is recommended by…(drum roll)… a DOCTOR in our business?”


It doesn’t matter whether it is true or not, the point is, this “endorsement” has been so overused it no longer has impact, at least not with “thinking people“…and surely, it is thinking, honest people, you want to have participate in promoting and building a business in your company.


Sadly, many people have misrepresented medical endorsement claims. As a result, even if there is a medical doctor in your business who sees the value of the products and is marketing them, or even if the product was developed by some high profile doctor somewhere… this just sounds like desperate “pitch” , hoping the prospective client will be impressed enough to buy what you are offering.

Attaching¬†“doctor” to the network marketing product lines and business has been used badly…

One has to think about the difference between an endorsement and a testimonial. There are many products being marketed through traditional marketing methods that have a “doctor” making great claims about the product. But there is a difference between the person who does this and gets paid for it (an endorsement)…and the person who does it because they have seen great results and honestly believes in the value of the product…that is called a testimonial.

If it is a testimonial, it should only be delivered by the person who had the experience.

Telling someone else’s story is a real problem. I recall an individual who stood up at a network marketing meeting and described the impact she had had with a product on a client, only to have a gentleman in the crowd say, “That was my uncle and that is not at all what happened.”


The point I am making should be part of a professional code of conduct for network marketers. Respect the arms length relationship doctors should have with their network marketing business and their medical profession. You should not be speaking on behalf of a doctor in your organization and using their profession to try and sway influence on your prospects.

Tell your story. It is much more powerful than riding on the coat tails of someone elses’ profession. Your story is your personal truth and that is what gives it impact. Then, let the customer discover their own story after testing your products…

…and let the doc tell his or her own story in their own way.

You can bring your person to meet with the doc and hear their story, listen to tapes made by the doctor, do a 3-way call, but stick to your own story…and don’t think that a medical endorsement is essential to get someone’s attention.

You and your story are the best tools you have in network or relationship marketing.


When I began this series of posts on the 10 Behaviours Network Marketers would be wise to discontinue, I said the industry needs codes of conduct for professionalism.

Medical doctors have a professional code of conduct that needs to be followed when they participate in a business outside of their clinical work. This code should apply to the way in which they conduct their network marketing businesses.
It also means others network marketers within the industry should not expect to use the words or stories of a medical doctor in their business to say, “Dr. *** says this is the greatest thing ever…”.. in fact, it probably does you more harm than good … unless of course, YOU are the doctor!


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