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Consciousness: MIndshift


I created the Body Conscious Guide(tm) to inspire a dialogue about states of Consciousness – a road map of sorts - from lowest to highest energy. I believe our lowest state of consciousness and darkest night is the state of Hopelessness, where there is hardly enough energy to even imagine going on with life. Progressively, there are increasing energy reserves at Sadness, moving up to Shame, Guilt, Grief, Fear, Doubt, and Anger.

The next step on the guide to Body Consciousness(tm)….

is a crucial turning point. It is Gratitude. This is the shift from lower consciousness states to higher consciousness states. In Gratitude, one has crossed the portal to the potentiality for ever greater energy levels of Acceptance, Empathy, Love, Joy, Wonder, Inner Peace, Bliss, and ultimately, Enlightenment.


Gratitude holds huge power.  Since it is not possible to hold two states of Consciousness at the same moment -  if one is in a state of Fear, you cannot also experience Love -  we must find a way to shift from the energy levels that do not serve us, to those that will.  The turning point is Gratitude. The good news is, it is possible to choose your state of consciousness. Regardless of the state you may be in, if you can find, for even a brief moment, a single thing for which you can feel Gratitude – a shift occurs. In an instant! It may be challenging to stay in Gratitude for long before the old thoughts and fears come swirling back. But, for that moment, your body chemistry changed. The more frequently you step into Gratitude, the longer that state remains with you.


In adversity there is always hope and possibility. As an example, there is much to appreciate in this global recession. In  recent decades, abundance and wealth have taken on a connotation of consumption and materialism…but now, we have a chance to return to the real meaning of abundance. I was raised by parents who lived through the last Depression. They knew how to save, rarely did they use credit. In our community there was no indoor plumbing until I was in Grade school, no television until I reached High school, and few people took annual vacations. I thought I grew up rich!…it was a state of MIND.


We are now in very volatile, frightening, and challenging times. Oil prices have soared and plunged, housing prices have reached astronomical levels and cascaded to all time lows, foreclosures are at a record high, food prices could bring on the worst world-wide famine ever recorded in history, and  our monetary system is collapsing. I am not an economist, so I am not about to speculate on the factors driving this scenario but what I do know, through my years of examining this complex feedback mechanism that is Consciousness, is that the mindset  we choose when looking at our situation has profound impact on just how well we will weather this turbulent storm.


Will the Christmas season with financial concerns become a time of fear and sadness because you cannot afford the gifts you once purchased? – or will you be Grateful for the love of self, family and community. There is no greater gift. What a wonderful time for us to learn what it means to be Soul Abundant. No recession can take that abundance away from you. When I ask participants what is their most precious asset, they rarely say TIME.  The gift of time is the greatest gift you can give.  My favorite Christmas gift was the year my parents gave me a “voucher” for a family home-cooked meal every Friday night in their home for a year.  At the time I was working, traveling and raising two teenagers.


I am often asked whether people who subscribe to the idea that we create our reality through our thoughts and feelings are just happy, happy, happy, little folks every minute of every day. Nothing bad ever comes into their lives! Of course, the statement is made with a heavy coating of sarcasm. To which I reply, “I am grateful what you describe is not true”. Bad things do happen…to everyone. It is how we choose to deal with these things that differentiate those who “seem to have all the good luck”, and those who do not. We embrace the bad times because it is in those darkest of moments we are presented with the opportunity to reach down and discover our greatest potential. Luck is not the factor. Consciousness is.

I think consciousness is a combination of our thoughts and feelings, creating a complex feedback loop and shaping our reality. The state of consciousness we are in is a like a radio station emitting a signal that is picked up by all around us, both animate and inanimate. No different than the radio signal we pick up with our radio tuners – when we link to a frequency – that is the music that is played back to us. So, if we “don’t like the music”, we need to change our consciousness channel! It is all dependent on how we CHOOSE to look at it.

Many participants from my seminars keep a laminated copy of the Body Conscious Guide(tm) on their fridge.  Instead of talking to family about what they are going to DO today – consider asking how they are going to BE today …which level will they BE on the chart.

Try it. Then let us know what happens!  You can order a laminated copy of the Body Conscious Guide by clicking here - and you may want to give the gift of abundance with a copy of my book available at the same site!

Organizational Behaviour Consultant
author: Imagine Your Soul Abundant: Attracting Success, Fulfillment and True Happiness
more about: www,soulabundant.com

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5 Responses to “A Guide To The Body Conscious”

  1. Nick Corsi Says:

    A fantastic way of looking into our lives. This analysis surely parallels with the types of feelings and emotions one feels when going through mental illnesses such as depression. The notion of hopelessness perpetuates the lack of drive and determination such people experience. The turning point in some cases comes with the realization of "something". This realization could be a function of something they had all along or an event that has just come to fruition. But the one common factor is that a person begins to feel gratitude. Gratitude is truly a starting point you noted. Without looking forward and knowing you can feel thankful, happy and more importantly self fulfilled, people continue to live in the bottom levels of conscience such as anger, grief, sadness or even worse, hopelessness.

    This abstract conception of conscientiousness really illuminates how we as humans jump the hurdles and climb the mountains that stand before us in life. Sometimes we have to go down in order to go up:

    "We embrace the bad times because it is in those darkest of moments we are presented with the opportunity to reach down and discover our greatest potential"

    Furthermore, it is up to the individual to decide what we will do with the dark moments. How will you interpret gratitude when you realize it? What will you choose? Will you choose to sit in that darkness and feel sorry or will you find the smallest bit of strength to stand up, open the door and walk into the light. This is the only way we gain strength, by learning and pushing the bounds of greater stages of conscience.

    -"the strongest steel is forged in the hottest fire"

    A truly "enlightening" analysis…I enjoyed this very much.

  2. JudyBerg Says:

    Thank you very much for your thoughtful comments on this post, Nick.

    After teaching these concepts for several years I wanted a way to make the conceptual much more accessible. This flow came to me and then the chart was so clearly presented on the Body Conscious Guide by our graphic designer, Patrick Hiller.

    My HOPE was that the visual clarity would in and of itself lend HOPE – so someone who is consumed by the consciousness of a difficult moment could SEE the way out and up. It is encouraging to hear your comments that reflect that clarity is indeed coming through.

    I hope you will visit with us often and share you insights and add to the discussions, so that we can come to know you, and the consciousness you are obviously offering to your 'community' through your insights. You may also be interested in the "TAO to Conscious Business" slide blogs – a trio – of which we have just posted Slide 1 last Tuesday – 2 and 3 will be discussed on the upcoming Tuesdays. This is about taking a new consciousness into business. Our goal with this website is to bring together like-minded people to share our ideas and make a impact.

    Thank you again!
    Bless Bless

  3. belize mexico Says:

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    Very well written. Thank you for the information. I have been traveling to Central America for many years and it is one of my favorite places……

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