A Shift In Consciousness?

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Consciousness: inspiration


Barak Obama made Canada his first international state visit and that pleases this country. Our population is small but we are the largest trading partner of the US. Protocol suggests each new US President will visit our country first, since we are its closest, most stable neighbor. But giving Canada that honor has not always been the case, as when George Bush chose Mexico for his first state visit.

Some media think Obama has an even greater adoration factor in Canada than in the US. His espoused social values are in alignment with those of Canadians but does adoration equate to an ability to govern?


What do you think is the state of consciousness of the administration in the US?

Our consciousness is reflected through our thoughts and feelings. We believe, from study of quantum energy and consciousness, that the energy emitted by our thoughts and feelings or our consciousness, makes us like little radio stations. Energy follows thoughts and feelings. We send out a signal and we attract back at the same frequency. If we are in a consciousness of Anger, we will be amazed at how many things happen in our day to generate even more Anger.castillos hinchables Does the consciousness of a country or its leadership determine its relationship with others in the world? Does it shape foreign or economic policy?

Our Body Conscious Guide is a list of states of consciousness from lowest energy to highest energy. It can serve as a road map to understand our consciousness and the impact our consciousness is having on results. It is a valuable tool for communication and change, and it can serve as a directional guide for making MindShifts.

Observe the Body Conscious Guide. What is  your perception of the state of consciousness of:

1.  George W. Bush  – and the global community during the past 8 years
2. Barak Obama -  and the consciousness of the global community at this time.

Share your thoughts with us.


Let’s make certain we have common terms by taking a look at dictionary definitions of consciousness. Here are some of the ways we relate to the term:

  • the thoughts and feelings, collectively of an individual or of an aggregate of people
  • the moral consciousness of a nation
  • awareness of something for what it is; internal knowledge,
  • consciousness of right and wrong doing
  • philosophy, the mind or the mental faculties as characterized by thoughts, feelings and volition.
  • to raise one’s consciousness, is to increase one’s awareness and understanding of one’s own needs, behaviour, attitudes especially as a member of as particular social or political group
  • being totally  awake and responsive to ones environment.

We love to hear from you..share your thoughts in our comments section.


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