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When will we learn to love?

Consciousness: inspiration


There is nothing that delights me more than coincidences. I think they are a little “cosmic goose” telling us there is much more to this “life and universe business” than we ever dare to imagine.

It is a higher power having a bit of fun with us, as one would gently and lovingly tease a child. I think they hold metaphorical messages, if we will only take the time and energy to attempt to decode them. I hope the coincidences I have detected this week are a sign that there is…



My “decoding of coincidences” experience began on Sunday morning as I sat down to write my last blog for the upcoming week. It was today’s -  Friday’s -  Consciousness Blog -  that I was about to write.

I began the morning, however, by readingpula pula inflavel my colleague Greg Paske’s, wonderful Sunday post, “Optimists Think Outside the Box.”

Ironically, without any sort of editorial board decision, Greg had chosen to write on Optimism. You see, my Monday Blog, already in the queue for publishing, was also on optimism,  honoring Ode magazine and its first annual list of Intelligent Optimists. Now, here I was, about to set “pen to paper” - and prepare my Friday blog featuring the Readers Choice  from that list of 25 Optimists - Robi Damelin - whose dedication is to a situation that requires all the optimism the world can muster – the war in Gaza.


I also realized that on Tuesday, one of the most historic, and optimistic moments in world history was about to happen – the inauguration of the first black president of the United States. A moment of great optimism, indeed.


My Friday Consciousness choice for our Enlightenor of the Week – an enlightenor being a person we have chosen who is doing wonderful things for the betterment of humanity -  is someone who has dedicated her life to an optimistic solution to the most sensitive and worrisome circumstance happening globally today – the clash between Israel and Palestine in Gaza. She is the Readers Choice of the top 25 Intelligent Optimists chosen by Ode magazine.


The Readers Choice for Ode Magazines 2009 list of top 25 Intelligent Optimists is…

Robi Damelin, Founder, The Parents Circle, Tel Aviv, Israel

This mother imigrated to Israel from South Africa in 1967 after her son was shot and killed by a sniper bullet while attending university in Tel Aviv. She created the Parents Circle as a non-profit organization for bereaved Palestinians and Israelis to promote reconciliation as an alternative to hatred and revenge. Through initiatives such as the Tears of Peace, the goal is to create awareness that war only creates more pain.

“There is no winner, only a greater collection of broken hearts.” – Robi Dameli

I know for certain I have never used the word, Optimism, so many times in one article!

I hope the decoded message in all these coincidences is that “the solution to today’s crisis in the world will come only when we all hold a consciousness of optimism and then act upon that consciousness”.

We know our thoughts, emotions and consciousness are what create our reality. We may not do something significant enough to attract the attention of people like Ode magazine, but in our own small way – by holding a vibration of optimism and hope – we will collectively shift the energy of the planet to a much better place for all.

Most recently in Gaza we have had a least 1300 needlessly lost lives, representing thousands more broken hearts.


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  1. Greg_Pashke Says:

    Optimism reigns supreme. It's a long day when you don't have a few laughs and maintain an optimistic view on the dance we call life.

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