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Remember Carly? – the most talented hair artist, actor, singer, bodybuilder – all- around woman I have met in a long time! I profiled Carly in a previous blog where I introduced you to how I attracted this special woman as my new hair stylist – and in true abundance, I found much more than a talented stylist -I found a new and amazingly talented friend.


This is the tag line for my Soul Abundant site, and the essence of using our greatest powers of intuition, thoughts and emotions, to create our preferred reality. Carly took my course several months ago, and she recently sent me this email to share an exciting example of how the Law of Attraction is actually working in her life, helping her to fulfill one of her dreams.



“The Law of Attraction It is all about Believing…”

“What we Believe IS…”

“I sat one afternoon and cut out pictures from magazines to make a manifestation poster …”

“I cut out the things I desired and Believed would come into my life.”

“It has been so exciting to see how many of those things have come into being in the past couple years. One of the things I had on my poster was a breathtaking, waterfront residence . I cut out those words and a picture of the resort  I wanted to live at.

For 2 years I just kept believing it would happen when the time was right . I had no anxiety and really didn’t have a set time in mind. This past month, I received a phone call at work from a lady who wanted to lease me her condo at the place I had wanted to live . Not only was it in the same resort , it is a breathtaking waterfront condo.

WOW!!!! I just believed it – and it came to me, in it’s right time. I not only believe that it is for me to enjoy but I have a purpose living there and sharing who I am, and what I do with the people around me . There is always a bigger purpose than what we see.

I am excited and know that some of the other things on my poster are taking place and moving to this new place is only a part of it all.”

Carly has written a song to describe the power of the universe to fulfill dreams  – it is titled: BELIEVE.

– Sharing the Song, Carly - BELIEVE - (click to listen to Carly’s new song)

To purchase Caryl’s music:
Carly has also put a song on a very special CD titled: “The Goddess Within”. All proceeds from the sale of the CDs are being donated to Women’s shelters or programs for women in need.


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    What an exciting amazing life it is !!!!!

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