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Poop – Planet – Prosperity

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Highmark Renewable “natural” gas
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enlightened orgs: inspiration


In the debt-free province of Alberta, where the black gold that first gushed from the ground in the 1950’s, has resulted in a Heritage Trust fund worth of billions of dollars being set aside for a “rainy day” – getting anyone to think about alternative energy sources is not an easy sell. But two framers from the tiny farming community of Vegreville have risen to the challenge.

Their innovation to create Biogas from cattle manure seems a perfect fit for a province that has ranching as it second largest industry. It is also timely for a province aware of the implications of the depleting sources of non-renewable oil and gas, and the challenges of a reliance on an industry with a Boom/Bust economic cycle.

“Inventing a new technology is a pure Alberta story… a great example that building a knowledge economy can happen on the farm, not just in ivory towers” – Evan Chapko, CEO, Highmark Renewables (Edmonton Journal, 02/08/09)

FROM POOP TO PROFIT…Alberta’s new Black Gold…


How Valid Is That Survey?

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Telephone survey
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research: validity


One of the biggest challenges in business is understanding our markets. We often choose to conduct research to get a better handle on market trends, demand, expectations, satisfaction, etc.

There are multiple types of errors in the data we gather. The easiest to quantify and the one most often discussed is sampling error.

Let’s assume we can draw a random sample from your population. But how big a sample do we need to have confidence in our results?



From Whole Earth To SmartMobs To Crowd-Sourcing – Let Your Customers Talk

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009

Howard Rheingolds vlog: Vernacular Video

research: crowd-sourcing prediction software


One of my favorite themes in life has become the critical need and great value of letting your customers TRULY communicate with you.

So I was going to write a simple post today about online prediction software used for crowd-sourcing [Wikipedia] (leveraging mass collaboration) But, like most of my thoughts, it twisted and turned a bit. So I tried to unravel it for you here.



Run Your Focus Groups Professionally

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Focus Group Process
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Conducting your marketing research [Wikipedia] incorrectly can cost you millions of dollars. Honest, I’ve seen it happen.

A lot of folks take the attitude, “It’s not rocket science”. And it’s not. But if you do it wrong, you can draw the wrong conclusions and destroy your business. So please do it right.

I thought I’d begin our weekly posts on marketing research with some of the research tools that have been developed over the years, starting with focus groups.


Do You Write For Your Audience’s Reading Level?

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

Can You Read This?

Marketing: Writing Tools


Is your writing reaching your readers? Or are you writing above their heads and turning them away? Whether you are creating surveys, website articles, blogs, or any other materials, it’s important for your audience to be drawn to your writing. One way is to test the reading level of your writing.

We’ve been taught over the years that newspapers should write to a 6th or 8th grade reading level. Some studies have shown, and it’s logical to expect that readership is directly correlated to writing to readers’ reading levels.

Want to test your writing? Read on.


30 Years Of Research & Systems Development

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Brilliant Marketing Solutions

Marketing: Client Solutions


Since we began VanAmburg Group in 1977, we have worked with thousands of clients, mostly in North America. During those 30 years, we learned a few things, and developed a few more. Within confidentiality limits, we’ve decided to share many of them with you. Every week over the coming months, we’ll add multiple articles, templates, case studies, interviews with thought leaders and CEOs, and tutorials, along with trends and analysis on everything at the intersection of research, planning, marketing and technology.

Read about us. Welcome aboard.

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