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Law of Attraction: responsibility


Many things struck me in your story about Carly, including her song, My Angel Mom. Angels are very special to me. I included the same line, “You are an angel” in a song I wrote long ago.

There is both a sound value and a meaning value in each word we use. Hence the power in a well crafted poem, or famous lines such as “… all men are created equal”, or “In the beginning was the Word.”

What we say (or write) every day can be meaningless and wasted, or it can have impact.

Good communicators and marketers know this. But great communicators are aware of the immense power created by the meaning and intention we ascribe to our words. Every thought has the potential to influence and actually change the world.


Naming a child is a big responsibility. Your child will carry that name every moment of his life. She will be perceived by everyone she meets through the filter of that name. The physical vibrations of that word will be directed at him every time someone addresses him.

An entire industry that has grown around parents naming babies. There are books, websites, blogs, software programs. Expectant parents often gestate their child’s name for the full nine months the baby is developing.

I often wonder how most people select a name. Is it the sound of the word? Is it out of respect for another individual? Does it tie them to an ancestor? Does the meaning of the name matter to them?


Some people think of developing a new business or product as an act of hopefully creating wealth. Some see it as a way of supporting their lifestyle or family. Others are driven by the process of invention, as a way to fulfill their life dreams, or a means of bringing an idea to the world.

Whatever our motivation, giving birth to a new company or product is an opportunity and a responsibility, and its name can mean a lot as well in its life.

We’ve named quite a few businesses, organizations and products over the years. It’s a fun process. The creativity ot the human mind never quits, but I wonder if we’re running out of words, just as we’re running out of easy web site names to register.

So I remain fascinated with the current Web 2.0 naming craze began, whereby every week there is are 50 new names like “Bloopzy” or “”. Most are cute names with no apparent meaning value.

When we began developing our software company, I knew immediately the name of the firm was to be MutualGravity. And I knew that the software had to be named the WebAngel suite.

Both names have prompted questions over the years – “Why MutualGravity?” and “Why Angel software?”


As I tried to understand the correct response to give, I knew the answers tie in part to the Law of Attraction.

Just as everything in the universe emerges from one source, influencing and affecting each other, we are celestial bodies, revolving around each other, each voice harmonizing our sounds with the global symphony. Hence MutualGravity, the common attraction we have for each other in our universe.

MutualGravity’s software tools have been designed to make it easier for the user’s voice to be heard.  Our focus was to create expert customer attraction & retention tools for our customers to market and sell to, and to support their customers. So we created integrated web-based software to help our users’ marketing, communications and research succeed – simply and inexpensively.


But today’s story is more about angels. Why Angels? As I reflected, I came up with three layers to the answer.

An Angel on my shoulder - Angels have been with us throughout history, guiding and helping human decision making and events, while rarely interfering with our lives. Our attention to angels waxes and wanes over time, but they are always there, unseen, attending to our higher needs, protecting us, smoothly guiding events.

Physicists have proven that the infinite complexity of life emerges from one field of potential.

Transcending spiritual or religious beliefs, Angels are gifts from the Creator, dedicated to fulfilling His vision in the never-ending emergence of universe from that field of all possibilities, in part bringing heaven to our earth.

Some Angels are personal guides and protectors, watching over us, helping to keep us on our paths, making our lives simpler and more successful.

We may know they are present, but usually only think of them fleetingly. They work behind the scenes, rarely intervening within our awareness, and then only in emergencies.

In our humble way, we want our software to fulfill the same functions – To help our users achieve their goals – simply, smoothly and successfully, while keeping the complexity in the background, and only intervening when necessary.

Each day, let me remember to make a difference - On a more subtle level, what we allow into our brains becomes what we think, and emerges as our reality, whether through designing architecture, landscaping a garden, creating a logo, or sculpting a PowerPoint presentation. This is the essence of the role of beauty and harmony in our world.

What better image to present to people every time they touch our software than the gentle reminder that there is more to the universe than the daily tapes that spin in our heads or listening to the media’s perception of what is news.

What better way to quietly help people reach for something better, envisioning how life can and should be (as you do so well), and fulfilling why they came to this planet.

So we populate the world with Angels, personal guides and assistants to the people who can make a difference.

And with each Angel, we graphically show them a different galaxy, to take them beyond their keyboard, to think way beyond their box.

I intend to enjoy every moment - On a personal level, it is ever too easy to take credit for the ideas we are given, the successes we may enjoy, to let pride and power take ownership of our lives. Or to get hung up in the Maya, the stage on which life plays out.

So this is our way of letting our computer screen, through which we look at the world for hours every day, remind us that we’ve been allowed to come here, and agreed to come here, with specific assignments to use the creative talents we have been given to help bring us all to the other side of humanity’s current chaos before we pass on.

This WebAngel software is not just a product to be sold. MutualGravity is not just a business to be built with exit strategies to amass the most possible money. It is a creator of tools toward our assignments, joyous fulfillments of the creative process that we revel in. Our WebAngel software provides bridges from the present we see to the vision we have been given. So what better image for us than Angels?


Every name has its connotation and impact on us as individuals.

We may have pushed away some people who didn’t think MutualGravity was a staid, professional name, or whose conception of angels was too religious and an affront to their worldview.

But I’m pleased with the decision makers who have resonated strongly to our names. We’ve attracted genius programmers, outstanding strategic partners, and great clients.

Judy, we attracted you, and the readers who keep emailing their encouragement and requests for services.

Readers, what experiences with names have impacted your life so far?

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Among David VanAmburg’s favorite practical philosophers and design scientists who exemplified great personal responsibility  and understanding of the Law of Attraction and the many other universal laws of personal development are R. Buckminster Fuller and Napoleon Hill.

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One Response to “Changing The World With A Thought And An Angel”

  1. JudyBerg Says:

    I trust our readers will appreciate your very important and well-written reminder of the vibrational impact of the words we use.

    The first Law of Thermodynamics states energy cannot be created or destroyed. We know everything is energy… including words. When we utter low vibrational words of anger, fear, doubt, towards others – or ourselves – that frequency resonates… forever …somewhere. I am reminded of the story of a grandfather who tells his young grandson to hammer several hundred nails into a wooden fence.

    The boy is puzzled but does as he is told. As soon as the last nail in hammered in, Grandpa tells him to start pulling them out. The boy is even more puzzled and somewhat dismayed after all his hard work. After all the nails are removed, Grandpa teaches him the lesson… "When we utter hurtful or negative words, regardless if we say we are sorry in an attempt to retrieve the words (pulling the nails out) – the holes will always be there. The words will have made an impact that cannot be fully restored to normal." … a vibration that cannot be destroyed

    This is true, not only of the words we choose when communicating with others, but it is especially true of the words we choose when talking to ourselves. The frequency of those words swirl around and influence the outcomes of all that you do. "What I do to you… I am also doing to me."

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