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The average housewife or stay-at-home mom has changed greatly in the last 50 years. Before, women were expected to always keep the house scrubbed and clean. Now, women are happy if things are just organized and tidied up. The pace of our lives has sped up and we are all trying to fit more into our 24 hours.

In the 1950s, women wouldn’t dream of having their cleaning product in the line of sight for others to see. Today, Clorox is trying to change the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. Clorox, through their redesign of their disinfecting wipes is pushing the question, “Why wouldn’t you want others to see your cleaning products?”


The Dieline quoted Clorox’s project objectives for the redesign by saying that the packaging had to be an “original design so beautiful that the consumer doesn’t hesitate to leave them out.”  How ingenious?!  Not only would this likely have the consumer using the product more frequently, the product would look good…part of the home decor!  Keeping this utilitarian art decor in every room will give mom the opportunity to ’swipe and wipe’ the room as they go about their daily routines.  What a great selling point!

If mothers kept this product out and” did a wipe as I go”, they could save time overall on their weekly cleaning, time which is already being stretched.  We are always looking to quicken our daily chores and squeeze more pleasurable activities into our day.  This package design that may encourage mom to swipe more often, will create a cleaner environment for the children as well.

Like Kleenex, customers are promoted to “Redesign Clean” their own box via Clorox’s new website.  This bring more people to the site, and keeps this cleaning product out in the open.  This once hidden product becomes a frame or a showcase for one’s personal creative designs.

Clorox’s design does pose the question – how much of our once closeted products do we design to show others? Where do we draw the line?  Take the example of the washing machine.  Before, there was one standard color that everyone had to take…white.  Why?  Because no one was going to:

a) see the laundry room

b) ascetically design their laundry area to fit the design scheme of the washing machine

But times have changed.  Consumers can buy their Maytag in blue, orange, or yellow.  How far will this go?  Will our heat pumps be next?  Will we need to design a more beautiful heat pump, so we can position it next to our front door for all of our neighbors to see?

As an end note, I think Clorox is doing something that will help moms across the nation.  Personally, this will encourage me, not only to use these wipes more often because they will be out, but also, to continuously buy the wipes.  It is now a “piece of art” in my rooms.  When I run out, I throw away art but I need something to replace the dead space in that room with my next new design.  In addition, using the wipes will be part of my routine.  Routine develops into habit, habit grows into behavior.

Questions to ask when developing packaging for home goods
  • When considering my target market, how will I affect their daily routines with my redesign?
  • How can I save time for my target market?  or How can I slow my market down to enjoy my product?
  • How can I expand the target market to reach a larger group with key elements of my design?
  • What are the most important factors of my target market’s life that I would like to work around to better position my product in their lives?

Alexandra Gergar graduates from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS in marketing and finance.  Cooking since she was a child, she now  has a food blog called Lemons in Water.

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