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Speed of change today is exponential. In just a few hundred years, civilization moved through an Agrarian Society, an Industrial Society; and within that Industrial Society, a Manufacturing Age and an Information Age.


We are poised for another huge shift. Normally, these societal shifts take centuries and are not experienced in the lifetime of one person. Typically, a worker entered the workforce with one set skills and continued to live and work comfortably with those competencies throughout their lives. Not so any longer. Most people in the workforce today entered in the manufacturing stage of the Industrial Society, but soon found themselves in the steep learning curve of the Information Age. We are about to be thrown into another huge shift, far greater than anything we have ever experienced or could imagine!

No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.” – Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations, Book I Chapter VI


Organizations are living systems created as support mechanisms appropriate for the times. They are born, live out their usefulness, and die off or are re-created as times change. In their dying days, it becomes apparent their health is failing – but often the “know-how” to preserve them, revive or recreate them, is lacking. We designed the graphic trio of slides, Tao to Conscious Business(tm) to assist in drawing attention to some of the symptoms and to propose a direction for the evolution of business. We set out to chart a path for change.

In this Blog, we look at Slide 1 which gives an overview of this path or WAY. On Slide 2, in another Blog, we will talk more about the actual events that tell us our living systems are dying. And on Slide 3, in a third Blog, we will talk about the indicators of the healthy “organ-ism” which provide a blueprint for the successful organizations of the future.


The business and economic model for the past 2-3 centuries has been premised by unlimited growth, wealth accumulation and expansion of territory and power. Bigger is better. This is the era of TAKERS. The sole determinant of success in business was PROFIT. This period we call the POWER or SCARCITY PHASE. Underlying most business structures today is a model based of CONTROL and FEAR. The business model, like much of western society, was shaped by principles from classical Newtonian physics. The idea of separateness of all physical matter became a construct or world view in which the players saw themselves in competition for scarce resources. “I have to get my share before it is all gone…” There are many signs this model is no longer serving us.


As the living organization shows signs of decline, a state of confusion begins to emerge. We are at a loss for solutions. The old solutions do not seem to be working but we keep recycling them. Will we be able to see the things that need to be changed? Will we be willing to personally make the changes in our world view? Will we be ready to lead the change in our organizations?


For several decades organizational development specialists have known a major overhaul is needed to keep organizations healthy and relevant. Only recently is it becoming more clear what that change will be. In our TAO to Conscious Business(tm) in Slide 3, we set out some of the characteristics of the new economy. We believe there needs to be a shift from TAKERS – to GIVERS… a shift from PROFIT,  to PEOPLE. It is a shift from a Phase of Power and Scarcity – to a Phase of Abundance, Connectedness and Consciousness. This new era in business is taking its principles of operation – not from classical physics – but from quantum physics. In quantum physics, we see the world as interconnected with infinite possibilities. This construct, when used to interpret a business reality, presumes cooperation, creation, and abundance. Business success in this world view will be more about the well-being of the whole. The whole will be seen in a holographic sense, not as a collage of separate pieces, but a hologram, in which every piece is an exact composite of the whole. “I am another you.”


Humanity has paid a huge price of suffering for its worldview of separation. David, I can’t think of a more exciting time to be alive -  to be part of what I believe is a paradigm shift from a world of power – to a   Consciousness Renaissance.

Are you seeing signs of change in your organization?  Is the ‘Power Phase’ still struggling to hold on at all costs? Are the same old solutions being recycled – and not working?

We want to hear your story.


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3 Responses to “Construct Model For The Tao Of Conscious Business”

  1. David VanAmburg Says:

    Judy, you've beautifully captured our conversations regarding the first chart. Thanks.

    I have introduced you to author Michael Mandeville, whose book The Coming Economic Collapse accurately projected the current decline. I'll do a separate post on Michael for our readers soon.

    One of Michael's publications is Earth Change Bulletin Updates, a free, but limited access weekly eLetter read by a few thousand interesting people around the world.

    I'm jumping the gun to our second chart, but had to share this with you. In this morning's weekly Earth Changes Bulletin Update, summarizes the old-school conflict succinctly with simplistic answers:

    "None of it is a real threat to you or your country or to anything you believe in. It is all 'reality theatre' composed by a hidden Matrix to stampede cattle. Refuse to be cattle….

    "Stand back, simply let the chips fall where they must. Need jobs? Create U.S. Solar Bank authorized to create money credit for energy projects. Provide no interest loans to solarize every building in the U.S. and to convert half the automobiles in the U.S. to multi-fuel consumption. Finance air cars, finance 100 mpg hybrids, build fast train services to reunite American cities. Easy. No problem. Ignites an economic boom wave for the next 30 years. Easy, no problem.

    "Impose a 'fair labor fee' (not a tax) on all imported items which were manufactured at labor rates less than $20/hr. 'Fee' is computed to price the fair labor rate into the import cost of the product. Fee goes NOT TO CONGRESS SLUSH FUNDS or U.S. Treas, fee goes to trust funds managed state by state to finance tools and equipment and facilities and job training for small companies to manufacture goods with domestic legal labor. Easy, no problem, globalism issues all fixey.

    Based on the expansion boom wave these programs will create, U.S. Treas. print U.S. Notes to finance Full Employment Job Program for immediate work for anyone who needs work. Let the States assign the workers. Easy, no problem."

    To request a subscription, email with "Subscribe request" in the subject line. Tell him you heard about him here, and we said Hi.


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