Corporate Mindshift Is A Consciousness Tipping Point

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“The Aura of the Lake”
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Since the US Presidential election, I have been contemplating that moment in history when your country exercised their Free Will and made a statement for change by choosing Barak Obama as President-elect.

Many people have since focused on the shattering of the ethnic glass ceiling as the most significant outcome of this election. But, I think, there is something else, more profound, and of greater global significance, that happened. To use Malcolm Gladwells term, I think the historic implication of this event is that we hit the “tipping point” on Consciousness.


This is a critical moment in the decline of the Consciousness of Power Phase that has prevailed for the past 400 years, and towards the emergence of the new Phase of Interconnectedness, Abundance and Consciousness in politics, business and human relations.


Don’t misunderstand me. I think it was vital the person who triggered this ‘tipping point’ for consciousness change in America, and, therefore, the world, had to be a black man. This symbolic action had to occur to correct an incongruency in your country’s historical application of the Constitutional statement - “all men are created equal” – except, of course, people of color. The act of electing a black man to the highest position in the country now means there are no longer any excuses along ethnic lines.


I must admit though, I am a little taken aback whenever the issue of Obama being “black” comes up in discussion. To me, he looks like a very handsome, “Canadian Snowbird” who hit upon some hot weather in Florida over the winter season!

It is nice to see this breakthrough in America on racial lines, but this is not really what it is all about. Why did the rest of the world celebrate! Why did 4 in 5 Canadians say they would vote for Obama if they could vote in this election? Whatever his contribution once in office might be – the moment of his election, is a most significant act in itself. Obama somehow generated an aura – he seems to be a lightening rod for HOPE for a better tomorrow for all.


I think this election was a signal people around the world are enlightened enough to realize we all have a right to experience our full potential. You and I have been friends and business associates for years. This is the moment in time we have had many discussions about. All of humanity needs to step up, take action, and play our part in creating the enlightened organizations you and I have long believed are necessary for the next phase of our evolution. Our concept of Enlightened Orgs has been evolving over time. It is time to take these concepts to the organizations who are ready to be players in the shift.


In our work with Enlightened Orgs, we created a chart mapping a path for Consciousness called the Body Conscious Guide.© We see it as The Tao to Conscious Business©. Will everyone be READY to make this shift? Of course not. We know that. But we also know when a paradigm shift happens; it happens quickly. Those who are intuitive and creative will be the first to visualize and create the new structures that must follow this evident decline of the Power Phase. These will be the survivors.

Life does not unfold in a linear fashion. Our First Nations people taught us life was a cycle – from birth – to living – to death – to rebirth. Death can be painful. For some, even the idea of death may be painful. But out of pain comes rebirth. This is true of all living systems. Man is but a part of a living system. Organizations are living systems. Organizations are born, serve their purpose, then die off or need to be re-born or re-structured. Propping them up to continue to struggle with the same disease that precipitated their eminent demise is folly.


There is no greater evidence of this than in our financial systems, and certainly apparent in the current economic crisis. The model that served in the past, is not the right model for the future. We are experiencing great economic pain. There has been a symbolic death. The time for rebirth is now. Being reborn means to create something new and different. Attempting to use old, dead systems to sustain new life does not work. This phase we have entered requires a new form of leadership.  It requires a Corporate MindShift.


I saw a wonderful clip on YouTube, posted by Gen-We. This group was proposing one simple statement that could change the world… “I will bring an end to the reliance upon fossil fuels by … (date)… an obvious reminder of the amazing goal set by J.F. Kennedy, that unleashed the creativity to accomplish what seemed impossible… putting a man on the moon. A simple but powerful statement galvanized the world and generated spin-off technologies no one could possibly have anticipated through implementation of normal planning processes.


Great things have come from simple yet powerful statements from visionary leaders in seemingly impossible short time frames. When the dream is big, we tap into our SUPERCONSCIOUS. It is here we find all we need to create all that we can dream. Are we ready to dream about a world in which everyone has full access to education, security, health, peace and the fulfillment of their dreams? We have all we need to make it happen – but do we have the will? -do we have enough people who are willing to take up the call?

“I will put an end to war on the planet by…”

“I will put an end to poverty on the planet by…”

Many are already taking up this new challenge and reaping the rewards that come from being in the right place, at the right time, with the right vision. The city of Vancouver, British Columbia elected a young new mayor, Gregor Robertson, who won a landslide victory with his dream:

“We will eliminate homelessness in Vancouver.”

“We will make Vancouver the “greenist” city in Canada.”

If we can believe that we can go to the moon – can we not believe all of the above statements are possible? – …all we need is the…

…. “I WILL!”

It starts with ME. It begins by trusting our instincts, and then drawing upon our creative resources. We don’t need to know HOW! As we show in our Tao of Conscious Business – only when we shift from ME to WE, can we achieve the miraculous – and once we make that shift…


Obama’s acceptance speech reflected that same calm demeanor. He pointed out this was not a victory for him but a victory for the people. The question is not whether Obama can save America from the mess it is in. The question is, no different than that posed by another charismatic US President over 40 years ago…

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

David, you and I are both ‘children of the Peace movement’ who were left somewhat disillusioned and disappointed when the change we dreamed about in our youth did not happen. We were able to “IMAGINE” along with John Lennon.. we wanted to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE. But we wanted change by pushing against the system… by focusing on what we did not want. It was a movement precipitated in frustration and anger and youthful rebelliousness. Looking back at it, that was not the right consciousness to lead a movement to higher consciousness!

Today, we have been given another opportunity to finish the work started in the sixties. I recall, even then, believing I could have greater impact if, instead of marching, I worked within an organization to bring the values of tolerance, hope and fairness for all. That could not be more true, than it is today.


Hopefully, we, collectively, are more mature now, and can understand the message of personal responsibility. If the world is going to sit back and wait for one man to solve the problems – we are doomed. If the world is ready to step up, take responsibility, exercise our greatest creativity, realizing we cannot solve the problems with the same mind that created them – we have HOPE and POSSIBILITY.

Let’s trigger a loving revolution by the people – for the people… a revolution in which everyone wins.


These are times for new thoughts and consciousness. You and I have known it will take new mindsets to understand what this Consciousness phase is all about. It will not be easy for some to let go of the Phase of Scarcity, Control and Fear – allowing for the emergence of the Phase of Abundance, Interconnectedness and Consciousness.

The biggest difference today is the realization change occurs through our BEING. Each one of us BECOMING the change we want to see in the world. It is not about marching, or platitudes, or demonstrations, battles – it is not even about being “agents of change”. It is about getting in touch with our own sense of BEING, our own levels of consciousness and being present for those individuals or organizations who are ready to make the shift.

Being an agent of change means you are working on someone else or something else to get them to change. This new shift towards a Conscious Organization begins from within. Yes, we still need champions for change. But the real catalysts for change are the people who are living the new dreams, values, and consciousness. They work patiently and lovingly with all individuals inside and outside the organization to shift awareness and awakening.

I think through our Body Conscious Guide© and the Tao of Conscious Business charts©, we can communicate to others, the TAO (The Way) to the change they must make to succeed in a new world. It is a time of great hope. Let’s not miss the opportunity.

Yes we can… and together we DO!

It is time to provide leadership and insights to organizations and individuals who are ready and who are seeking clarity to, “where to from here.” We are looking for organizations that believe things can, and should be much different than the models we have pursued that have brought the planet to the brink of demise. These organizations are seeking a road map. Quantum physics concepts teach us about an interconnectedness that can be translated to every living condition, “What I do to you, I am also doing to me.” The successful businesses of the future will choose their actions based on understanding this quantum model.


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