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Food & Design: Beyond the Survey, 1 of 2


A year ago, my fellow blogger Nick Corsi, showed me this great clip of Malcolm Gladwell on spaghetti sauce.

Malcom makes a great point through out this piece.  The food industry really can’t ask you everything you want in a series of .  People don’t know inflatable water park for sale what they want. This however, does create a opportunity for marketers, developers, designers.  Sometimes, it is what lies just behind our questions that will actually allow us to reach our market.

Next week, I will continue to speak about this line of thought.  In addition encourage you to bring up points that you agree or disagree with in Gladwell’s analysis.

Alexandra Gergar is caterer in Pittsburgh, Pa.  In her field, she studies how and why people buy their products, especially in the food industry.  See her cooking blog, Lemons in Water.

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