Finding The Tao Of Business Consciousness

I’m honored to welcome author and speaker, Judy Berg of British Columbia to Thinking Big Works.

Since retiring from a top communications management position with the Canadian government, she and her husband Jim have built Well Naturally International, a successful network marketing company with Nikken, Inc. and traveled the world.

We have assisted Judy and Jim for two years in the creation of her personal development seminar business, Soul Abundant. I highly recommend her current book, Imagine Your Soul Abundant.

Judy and I are currently writing the book for enlightened businesses, The Tao of Conscious Business: Global Coherence Marketing, which we’ll explore in this blog. Join our conversation. Please share your wisdom and comments.


Peachland Sunrise ~ It is a joy to get up early in the morning when Mother Nature greets you like this! – a picture from my living room window. Here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, I don’t need pictures in my living room. Mother Nature selects a new one for me – hour by hour.

Enlightened Organizations: Inspiration


Increasingly people are wakening to their consciousness, to the purpose of our human experience, and to the reasons for the kinds of organizations we create and manage.

“A human being is a part of a whole, called by us _universe_, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest… a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty..” – Albert Einstein


I find it amusing to hear CEOs and political leaders immersed in this current inevitable economic crisis, lamenting, “We did not see it coming!” Ironically, you and I talked about the eventuality of this global economic crisis on numerous occasions over the past years. We were confused only by when it would happen. I am not suggesting we have psychic powers or super intelligence. It is just that if your eyes are closed, if your mind is closed, if you are consumed by ego and power, you only see the world in one way. You don’t see things you do not want to see. If you are wearing sunglasses with dark lenses, you cannot possibly see or understand what someone who is not wearing the same glasses is actually seeing.

I always look forward to sharing our ideas with the companies and individuals who have already taken off their glasses, or who are least willing to take off their glasses, and perceive the world in a whole new way.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” - Albert Einstein


Little did I know when I was “attracting” an expert to assist me in building a website, that I would find in Mutual Gravity much more than a web company. I wanted a company that would appreciate and project the right image for my philosophy, my world view, and the work I was doing through the Attracting Success seminars When we met, I knew I had found a fit… not just for our complementary views on many topics like Einstein’s description of our life task – but when your software was called “Angel Suite” it tipped me off that you must be something of a Renaissance man! How many IT companies would have the courage to call their product – an Angel!


Over the years, I have enjoyed our IM and email conversations about consciousness and what was happening in the world economy. It was exciting to meet someone with a strong business, marketing and internet background, who actually practiced compassion in business, and who held a desire to make the world a better place. Businesses in the past held their vision on Profits. Businesses in the future will hold vision on People.

VanAmburg Group has always lived this new world view philosophy. I have learned a great deal from you about the Consciousness movement. And David, with your background in economics, along with your personal interest and life-long study into man’s search for meaning, it is not surprising much of our conversation was about world economics, the evolution of mankind to higher purpose, and how this evolution will occur. It is exciting to begin to see more and more people entering into similar discussions about the possibility of a more equitable, people-centered, sustainable approach to business.

Gary Scott, an investment writer and advisor whom we both respect for his balance between business and lifestyle, reminds his readers we are on the edge of a major adjustment to the marketplace characterized by new inventions and technologies.  We also believe it will be characterized by a Consciousness Renaissance.

We would like to hear your thoughts.


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author: Imagine Your Soul Abundant: Attracting Success, Fulfillment and True Happiness
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18 Responses to “Finding The Tao Of Business Consciousness”

  1. Finding the Tao of Business Consciousness | Says:

    [...] See the original post here [...]

  2. Karen Manganye Says:

    Thank you Judy for the opportunity to include me in you discussion. We had the opportunity of meeting for the first time in Spruce Grove Alberta library on the promotion of your book. I have my own business called Avant-Art Art Studio where I do art work as a home based business. I also Write stories to go along with sculptures that I create. At the present time I have a project completed on the harbour seal,( Lac des loups marine subspecies.) from the Ungava Peninsula, who is an endangered species. By linking him in with the Easter Seals organization, and the Canadian Wildlife Federation, as a shared profit between two non profit organizations , both charities could come out ahead. Most people have said I am quite a gifted writer and artist, but I do lack confidence. Today though I am going to make it a point to send out a copy of my portfolio to Susan Law who is the director chair person of Easter Seals here in Alberta.
    Wish me Luck,
    Karen Manganye,
    You might remember me from telling the tale I wrote of "A Tribute to Muhammad Ali."

  3. David VanAmburg Says:

    Karen, Judy has had the pleasure of experiencing your work, and speaks very highly of it. Do you have a website displaying any of your work? I'd love to see it, and we'd like to promote you to the world.

  4. JudyBerg Says:

    Hi Karen
    Wonderful to hear about your new project.! And yes I do remember you! – not only are you a gifted artist and writer – but a gifted orator as evidenced by your recitation of the tale you wrote as a "Tribute to Mohammad Ali". The Blogs I am posting ot this site will be themed:

    Monday : Enlightened Organizations – Best Practices
    Tuesday: Concepts that make up an Enlightened Organization
    Wednesday: Law of Attraction
    Thursday: Network Marketing: A Structure for future business
    Friday: Consciousness

    I would like to feature the excellent work you are doing and the contribution you are making to the environment on a Friday, Consciousness blog.
    Bless Bless

  5. Karen Manganye Says:

    Thank you for your curiosity. I have been trying to submit more information on the work that I do to Judy Berg. The information on the questions that she was asking was far to long so I'll just have to figure out another way of sending it than using a comment box. I was also going to include 2 photo's of the Easter Seal project, along with a letter to Mr. Harper from Sammy C. Seal my story character. She had said she would like to take a look at it and maybe post it on fridays blog. My apologies that I do not yet have a web site with my work on it.

  6. Peter Graham Says:

    Hi Judy and David,
    Great subject to be writing on. I think you're on to something! As I have worked the the both of you in the past and still do… Is it a Wonder your ahead of the curve still!
    I'll be back to see where this goes… as they say the Law of Attraction is the most powerful of all the laws… And I don't think business can get away from it either.
    I think the present economic times will be proof that the old way of doing business will have to change, and quickly. Be interesting to see what comes from all this in the near future. Out of chaos come change which leads to organization.
    Great work from the both of you.

  7. David VanAmburg Says:

    Dionne, thanks so much for your comments. While we have been expecting this global change for many years, we had hoped that the actions that brought it on would not be so extreme, causing the transition to be much more chaotic than needed to be.

    We are excited that you, your family, and your friends are looking for life-supporting opportunities to work, "ones that are in alignment with family values, children and health."

    This is a theme that we will focus on during the coming weeks and months, both with ideas for defining your best life/career path, and practical suggestions for immediate income generation. I'll start with a post this weekend to offer a few initial ideas.

    We wish you and your family success. This is a great time of opportunity.

  8. JudyBerg Says:

    Thanks for your insights Dionne! – I encourage you to continue to provide comments and to refer your "like-minded friends" as we come together to share our thoughts and ideas. You are obviously a young parent and the future we are shaping is for you and your family. I also encourage you to reflect on our concepts on this visionary exchange presented through our "TAO to Conscious Business", slides 1-3. Slide 1 was presented for discussion on Tuesday – we will look at slides 2 and 3 on the subsequent Tuesdays. Our goal with this site – and this blog – is to bring together like-minded people to talk about the changes we face – but mostly to talk about solutions that need to be implemented. Thank you for taking the time to comment – come back often! Bookmark this page – visit – and dialogue!
    Bless Bless

  9. Dionne Anan Says:

    Hi Judy and David,
    Thank for your comments. I have just read the slide for this week and can really understand the use of fear and scarcity in the corporate world. I graduated from University with a B Ed in 1992 and I had a difficult time finding work in light of all the cuts to Alberta's Education system. I found myself looking for new ways to think about teaching and working. Many of my friends have more than one part time job allowing them the flexiblity of time and the security that if one job eliminated they still can survive for a time on the other. Many of us who are generation X, have never had the security of a long term corportate job with pensions or benefits due to the changing times, so we tend not to feel the loyality and fear that others may feel. (to be continued in next comment)

  10. Dionne Anan Says:

    Coninuing from above…
    In my fifteen year teaching career, I have had 7 different employers with many different types of experiences. When faced with a situation where the employer uses fear or treatens job loss, I immediately start look ing for a new situation. My motto is "This wasn't the first job I have had and it definately won't be the last." I am not afraid to lose or change my job, but I also want to have other sources of income outside of my current profession to fall back on. Any thoughts?

  11. JudyBerg Says:

    Hi Dionne
    You are right – it is called having multiple streams of income and we should all be planning our financial futures with this structure.

    Multiple streams of income is the safety net for everyone in this challenging economy. That doesn't mean, by the way, having 3 jobs. It does mean taking personal responsibility for your financial status and not being dependent upon the whims, or the management, or mismanagement :) skills of someone else to determine your financial future.

    Some possibilities might be taking a hobby and finding a way to set up a business from that hobby, generating additional income while doing something you love to do… maybe it is writing a book, setting up a website to promote a product, etc. It may mean becoming skilled at investing, or acquiring rental properties… or the one we believe has the greatest possibility for the largest number of people due to the low start-up costs, is a legitimate, well-managed network marketing company. It is called reproductive, residual income.

    Our Thursday posts will be exploring and providing information on how to be successful in the network marketing industry… and I feel qualified to speak to that level of success because it has been one of my Plan B strategies that has achieved success for me for over 14 years with the same company – with a high income of 24,000 in one month – to a low of 500.00 – and we had several years where that income has been 6 figures. I encourage you to watch for these Thursday blogs to determine if such a company is a fit for you. We do not promote any particular company but have discussions on what to look for and how to understand the industry.

    Whatever your Plan B – and you should probably have a couple – it should be fun – no one needs more stressful jobs!

  12. JudyBerg Says:

    Hi Peter
    Thanks for dropping by! :) I know you have done considerable research on the network marketing industry so I encourage you to follow our Thursday blogs on that industry and share your insights.

  13. Dionne Anan Says:

    Hi Judy and David,

    I am excited to see that the face of business is ready for a change. With all the challenges that families face, increasing costs for childcare and living expenses etc, something needs to change as most people feel stress, fatigue, and illness. More and more young families like mine are looking for other ways to work, ones that are in alignment with family values, children and health. Thus it is only natural that organizations need to look at how they operate, accomodate and validate what is important to their employees. Turning a profit is necessary for a business to be successful but not at the cost that it has had on our world. We need to have balance and major corporations need to step up to responsible management, sustainable development and people focused intentions rather than dollar signs. Our measures of success should reflect how we treat and relate to others not how many digits are in our salaries.

  14. Dennis Goff Says:

    Hi Judy,

    Really love your new blog! I stopped by a few times to re-read the posts and review the chart. It is refreshing to see your intent and your content on a global forum like this blog. Your chart presents a clear vision of the shift from profits to people that will evolve as the awareness of individuals and corporations expands.

    The coffee's been on for a while now and as the aroma wafts around the globe… more and more companies will awaken to the see the value helping to develop the "whole" person rather than training only job specific concepts.

    As the getting morphs into giving… the emergence of the new wave of beings that are rediscovering who they really are or who they want to be… will change the way the planet progresses, don't you think? And fortune will favor the few companies that lead the way.

    And in the wake of this will be a new generation of Entrepreneurial Adventurers that will continue explode the home based business movement.

    I look forward to your posts this week. I find them inspiring and full of a charged energy that is really "lightening" to the soul. New word eh?


  15. JudyBerg Says:

    Hi Dennis
    It is exciting to see the "gathering" of like-minds at this site. I hope we will continue to share our insights and our "lightening" moments :) . In the near future, we expect to have some live webinars to increase potential for the dialogue. We all know this is headed in the right direction – because it "feels" like the way we were meant to treat each other. We just need to combine our energies to start a tsunami! Keep sharing with us!

  16. Carol Gordon Says:

    I just stopped by to say hello and wish you both a really fun and healthy holiday season. with gratitude for your work.

  17. JudyBerg Says:

    Thanks Carol
    We truly feel blessed to be part of the movemetn towards a more blissful, peaceful future for all.

  18. JudyBerg Says:

    Thanks Carol
    We truly feel blessed to be part of the movement towards a more blissful, peaceful future for all.

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