Great Works Require Rest

Music & Arts: A Time For Rest
By Nick Corsi

Try Resting

Sometimes it is the notes you don’t play.


They will tell you this: A lot of times, it’s the notes that you DON’T play that truly make a composition what it is. An experienced musician knows Commercial Bounce House For Sale when to hold back and let silence or resonance to fill the air. Sometimes we forget what “rest” can do for a piece of music, for a project, or for our work.


Stopping for a moment while playing or listening to a piece a music accomplishes a few different things. Anticipation in music is what always brings us back for more and what keeps us on the edge of our ears until the resolving notes . There can be no anticipation without stopping and thinking about events to come.  When we anticipate, we build up what we believe will happen in the notes to come.  Resting also prompts us to appreciate…we can appreciate the peak of a crescendo, a jumping castle powerful chorus, or a cryptic lyrical sequence. And what would be the point of creation without being able to appreciate it?


Sometimes these moments of pause allow for reflection. Surely a jazz musician who presses through a gig doesn’t have much time to reflect on all the notes he just played, nor does he really have to. But a rest may allow that split second to solo in a different direction, regain the rhythm, or catch his breath. The bottom line is that rest allows us a chance to look back and evaluate what we have accomplished in hopes of looking forward once again.  It is important, because without it, we may continue to press forward in potentially the wrong direction.


I encourage everyone to take time to stop and rest. Recharge your batteries and take a few moments realizebouncy castle why you are doing what you are doing in the first place. Who knows, maybe your musical composition will need to take a different direction.

Without musical rests, there would be no anticipatory silences or no opportunities to wonder about where it will all go next.

Nick is on the very brink of graduating from the University of Pittsburgh. Four years of work, play, learning and growth have brought him to a place where reflection is important.

Work Hard, Take It Easy

Nick Corsi

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