Humor as Reality, The Subprime Crisis Explained

Friday Funnies

Have you watched Bremner, Bird & Fortune, the satiricaleastyl British television program? [Wikipedia] Here is John Bird and John Fortune’s totally believable take on the investment banking community mindset and the subprime crisis.

Can’t see it? Get FlashPlayer, or view at YouTube.


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5 Responses to “Humor as Reality, The Subprime Crisis Explained”

  1. Greg_Pashke Says:

    I love these guys. The sequence with the great investment names (enhanced, leveraged, high value, etc.) is funny and frightful at the same time because you can envision people picking investments on that approach alone.

    Every mortgage lender and broker in the country should be required to watch this. And without the benefit of popcorn.

    Their dry wit and style remind of an old American comedy team Bob and Ray who employed the same interview technique with similar success.

  2. David VanAmburg Says:

    I agree, Greg. The best wits see our reality, turn it about two degrees and hand it back to us with a grin. We get to choose whether to learn and benefit from their observations or not.

  3. David VanAmburg Says:

    Here's a great Bob & Ray interview on an early David Letterman.

    Speaking of Letterman, he sent me a note when he started following me on Twitter (me and 10,000 others, I'm sure), "Thanks for following me! Please don't follow too close, as I tend to make sudden stops. -Dave"

  4. Klaus_Holzapfel Says:

    I always love a good portion of British humor. Thanks very much for sharing. It reminds me a bit of the old Monty Python days. One of the videos I appreciated on YouTube was this Whopper viral video – it loaded with the f-word. So don't play it in front of your little kids: No this is not your subtle kind of humor – but still very funny in my eyes.

  5. dvanamburg Says:

    Klaus, thanks for joining the conversation. The Burger King parody doesn't do much for me, but I'm glad that its humor strikes your funny bone. If you have any favorite Monty Python clips, please share them. Their humor lit up a whole generation.

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