I Attracted A Gypsy Butterfly

Gypsy Butterfly Carly
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Law of Attraction: responsibility


Living your life in the Law of Attraction means such an easy and abundant flow of experiences. We know that life is made up of constant changes always requiring us to make decisions… some are easy, some challenging -and some, well, only someone in the same situation can fully appreciate them … for most women, the idea of finding a new hairdresser rates right up there with the most difficult!


Of course, that is the first thing I had to do when we arrived in Peachland in April. So, why not use Law of Attraction principles and see if this search could flow easily and abundantly! Hold a vision of what you want and trust that the right person will appear. But of course you have to move your feet-take responsibility – So I wandered about town until I found an amazing little salon right on the edge of the lake. “At least”, I thought, “it would have a relaxing view.” My first tip that something interesting was unfolding was when the receptionist looked at me thoughtfully, and said, “I think Carly would be the right fit for you.” This was new. Coming from a large and indifferent urban center, I was much more accustomed to something like, “Well, Susie has an opening this afternoon, do ya want her?”


Once you have faith things happen more from the “heart” – than from the rational mind or head, you realize experiences you could never have imagined with your rational mind.

Carly and I did, indeed, connect right away and soon our conversation turned to the, “So what do you do?” When I told her about my book, Imagine Your Soul Abundant: Attracting Success Fulfillment and True Happiness“, she began to talk about her passion for writing music and singing! My rational mind would never possibly have thought I could find a hairdresser AND a creative artist whose works I could not only get great enjoyment from, but that could also be a rich embellishment to the work I was doing.

We agreed to swap products.  I returned to the shop with my book, which, of course, has my butterfly logo – as does my website.  And then, Carly handed me her CDs. Her performing name is Gypsy Butterfly – carly.thegypsybutterfly.com a pet name given to her, lovingly, by her mother – words chosen to describe her true spirit! Too much of a coincidence!


I have since become a huge fan.  When I listened to her album, Gypsy Butterfly: Beyond the Chrysalis, (be sure to listen to My Angel Mom) I was very moved by the song My Angel Mom. Although it was written for her mother, I told Carly it moved me to tears because I was hearing much more than a love song to a mother. I felt the music and the words in every part of my body like a plea to humanity.

You are an angel

With a message from above – you are an angel

Send to earth to bring love – you are an angel.

What an amazing place this earth would be if we all acted as though we knew and understood that we are indeed angels – send here to bring love – to learn to give love – and to receive love.


When I told Carly how the music had effected me, she confided she has a dream to use her music for healing – www.thegypsybutterfly.com. She wants to work with people who are doing workshops and seminars to help participants come to terms with their life purpose of love.  She wants to heal the pain that humanity is experiencing due to our sense of separateness.  This is so consistent with my own message…  but Carly says it in metaphors and touches right to your heart with her lyrics and music. I now use Carly’s music in my seminars, and we are envisioning having her play a role in our upcoming retreats at Gods Mountain.

Carly’s Chrysalis: By day she cuts hair – by night a Gypsy Butterfly.

Perhaps you have been wanting to attract someone whose voice is gentle and healing and loving… for your personal healing – or perhaps you, too, are looking for the right vocal message to reinforce a workshop or group experience.  I hope that together we can help Carly fulfill her true life purpose – and when that happens, the world will have been knocked up another notch on the scale of beauty, abundance and love.

If you enjoy the vocal sounds of Susan Aglukark, Enya, Aimee Mann, Madonna or Joni Mitchell – you are going to love Carly! -  www.thegypsybutterfly.com

I love you Carly!


Organizational Behaviour Consultant
author: Imagine Your Soul Abundant: Attracting Success, Fulfillment and True Happiness.
More about: www.soulabundant.com

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14 Responses to “I Attracted A Gypsy Butterfly”

  1. Maggie Lovelock Says:

    Thanks Judy, you don't have to tell me what a treasure Carly is, she brightens my life every
    day. Maggie

  2. David VanAmburg Says:

    Judy, thanks for the great story. I look forward to hearing Carly's music. By the way, that is a captivating photo. Whoever did the photography was excellent. Tell Carly for me, please.

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  4. JudyBerg Says:

    Erin – what a pleasure to " meet you".

    I understand you are the artist behind the CD cover for "Beyond the Chrysalis". I am not surprised to hear that you and Carly have a special connection that goes beyond her son :) .

    I look forward to hearing more about this intriguing vision the two of you are working on that will "add to the global message of hope"… I would love to share it on this site.

    And I am going to take the liberty of using your wonderful definition of the Law of Attraction…
    FATE WE CREATE – beautiful!

  5. Erin Gresl Says:

    Wow, beautifully put Judy. I am Carly's daughter-in-law and I feel Carly and I are so connected and I believe she does too. My Butterfly Mom is such an amazing inspiration to me and truly has become one of my Angels ("a gift to me"-GB) on this earth. Carly and I are in the midst of turning a dream into reality right now. When that time comes, I believe, it will be more than a creative vision brought to life, but a little bit of the Butterfly spreading hope across this world.
    -We're going to make it happen Mom….it's just like Judy puts it, there's a reason people meet: The Law of Attraction is FATE WE CREATE:) I love you xoxo

  6. Carly Thomas Says:

    I am so blessed by your comments!!! I have attracted so many Beautiful people in my life :) I am amazed!
    what you believe … IS!!!!
    I made a vision poster a few years back..so much on that poster has come into existence… it is all so exciting! Paris… I am on my way …. in my pink jogging suit :)

  7. RitaSue Bolton Says:

    Judy … I love the energy that comes when like minded people come together, whether it is on the internet thru blogs such as this one or in person ! I am so blessed that I attracted you into my life thus allowed me to be clearer in my intentions, so that I have a wonderful vibration around those intentions and I do more inspired action each day. I love waking up each morning excited to see what will unfold this day!

  8. JudyBerg Says:

    RitaSue – you are so right that our energy is the same whether we connect face-to-face – or through a blog – or by telephone. Ever had the experience of getting together with someone you have not seen for years or decades, and you both marvel at how it seems like "yesterday". It seems that time and space are a mere convenience we have developed to help us understand something about the way our lives unfold – but it does not exist in the deeper appreciation of the laws of the universe.

    I hope the people we act as the "magnet" to draw to this site, will feel free to talk to each other as well… there is a reason you were meant to meet together here! That is part of the anticipation and excitement of seeing how or what will unfold minute by minute! Life is an adventure!

  9. JudyBerg Says:

    Truus – that is the mystery of life! – it always holds possibility, excitement, potentiality – if we will just let ourselves TRUST and have FAITH that it all leads to a better place. We just never know when we put it out there, what will come back to us. Each life we touch can be an inspiration – and an energy boost up the barometer of consciousness! You, are an inspiration to me!

  10. Truus Says:

    Judy, little did I realize that when I met you 7-8 years ago (for a coffee at Tim Horton!), you would become such an inspirational part of my life. I love your story on how you allowed yourself to 'find' Carly – again, I feel inspired by that. It shifted my energy this morning, and feel it will make a difference at how today will unfold. Thank you!

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