I Attracted Gods Mountain

A bit of Provence in the heart of the Okanagan

Law of Attraction: Responsibility


Fundamental to understanding the concept of the Law of Attraction, is to understand the importance of personal responsibility. Once one appreciates that “all that is” comes from a higher power within, and your responsibility is to tap into that power, anything is possible.


I spoke at a eWomens conference in Calgary a few months ago. For years I held a vision of the kind of workshop retreat facility I was looking for… so when the woman seated beside me at the conference said… “we had a destination wedding for our daughter in Penticton”… I was intrigued. I could not think of a facility in that area that would be a likely choice for a destination wedding. The area she was talking about is exactly where I visualized a retreat. I immediately asked for the name of the facility, and she responded, “It is called Gods Mountain”.

With a name like that some higher power must have been at work! I Googled the facility and was amazed to see it was even the Mediterranean-style architecture I had visualized! Although I held a vision of a Mediterranean villa, I had moments when I thought the only way to get it would be to build it myself.


Our dream for an intensive “think tank” retreat in a dazzlingly, beautiful location is coming together. I can see, in the not too distant future, you and I offering our progressive, unique workshop in an environment where participants can be nourished with the energy of locally grown food ( the 100 mile diet) – local wines – and the natural beauty of the 132 acres of mountain hillside, with its walking trails, its own working vineyard, and bald eagles soaring overhead. Then, top that off with the most innovative discussions to take their organizations to a whole new dimension. The retreat is an opportunity to redesign their businesses to thrive – and to become ‘Enlightened organizations’ – an organization built on a new world view.

“Build it and they will come!


I became intrigued by the idea of manifesting through Attraction after reading Quantum physicists Frijof Capra and Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe, as they explored the connections between Quantum Physics and Consciousness. As I continue to master the skills of visualization and alignment with higher consciousness, I am delighted by the experiences I bring into my life. Living here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley was a result of carrying a visual image of the location I desired, with its breathtaking 180 degree view of mountains and lake. I held that view for 4 years. Each time we moved to a new location, traveling across Canada, the US and Australia, we attracted a gorgeous home with almost all the features we envisioned, including the expansive view. Last April, we decided it was time to put down some roots, and we chose to do so here in Peachland, British Columbia, in the heart of the Okanagan Valley.

The next Intention I held was to find a beautiful retreat facility to conduct corporate “think tanks” on how to become an Enlightened Organization. I wanted to capture the feel of Provence in the south of France, or Tuscany in the south of Italy, with vineyards, locally grown foods, panoramic vistas and great wines. I wanted a place with a calm, natural environment where corporate leaders could unwind and truly experience the calm, creative energy that comes with a Mindshift.


And here it is!

The key difference in using the Law of Attraction as opposed to traditional planning methods, is FAITH.  I find the traditional planning approaches of putting time frames on your all goals may lower your consciousness as you stress against the looming deadlines.

I suggest, to the people I coach, they just indicate they are ready to experience what they are visualizing as soon as possible. Once you have let go of the need to control or figure it out – you need to be alert to the signs and nudges that will lead you to manifesting your intention. Trust your intuition. And delight in what happens! Now that is a mindshift!

“Intuition is more important than IQ – I never discovered anything with my rational mind.”  – Albert Einstein

Have you experienced letting go of your ‘rational mind’ - and having a “Eureka” result!  Tell us your story!


Organizational Behaviour Consultant
author: Imagine Your Soul Abundant: Attracting Success, Fulfillment and True Happiness
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2 Responses to “I Attracted Gods Mountain”

  1. Karen_Manganye Says:

    Dear Judy ,
    It's really is quite funny that you are quoting Albert Einstein, when I am working on a portrait of him, and have painted the quote at the top of the painting saying, "Logic will get you from A-B, but imagination will take you everywhere." I was going to put the quote 'Imagination is far greater than knowledge, but I changed my mind since my husband Davis a South African man from the Shangaan tribe will be taking 2 elective courses, and 1 core course beginning the new year, towards his masters degree in Distance Education. Knowledge to him is more important to him. I have only been married now to my husband Davis for just about a year, after loosing my other husband to cancer 3 months after moving here to Alberta. i am originally from Saskatchewan. Davis and I were married on Ground Hog Day. Its really quite funny when you think of it, because he has his roots, and family property in Africa, and mine is here in Canada.
    As far as my story that I wrote, "A tribute to Muhammad Ali," I had read one of Muhammad Ali's books called "The Tao of Muhammad Ali," by a man called Davis Miller. This was a few year's before I met my Davis. The funny thing is that I never even met a person before with the first name of Davis. And the fact that I read a book before about "The Tao of Muhammad Ali," It kind of ties in with you're "the tao of business consciousness work." I heard that these are called serendipities,( excuse the spelling). Are you at all familiar with this?

  2. JudyBerg Says:

    Hi Karen
    I also am fascinated by serendipity and I thank you for sharing some of yours! Thanks also for the new Einstein quote – I will use it :) .

    I think imagination, intuition and the Law of Attraction form the skeleton of Serendipity.

    Wikipedia defines serendipity:

    … as the aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident
    … or as good fortune; luck;

    The origin of the word comes from a Horace Walpole fairy tale called "The Three Princes of Serendip" and the heroes of this fairy tale possess such an unusual talent for making these desirable discoveries that Walpole described them as possessing serendipity!

    I, of course, believe that luck has little to do with it. I think we Attract these desirable discoveries when we hold a high level of consciousness and a sense of what we want in our lives – and voila! – it just shows up when we need it!

    It was just under our noses – always there for us to see – if only our eyes were open to the possibilities!

    Bless Bless

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