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Law of Attraction:responsibility


One of our readers posted a comment on last weeks Law of Attraction blog and shared this punchy definition of the Law of Attraction:


I love it. It succinctly points out there is a need for both imagination and responsibility for the Law of Attraction to work. The creation process is found through a vivid imagination.

“Logic will take you from A to B… but IMAGINATION WILL TAKE YOU EVERYWHERE.” – Albert Einstein


The “Law of Attraction” may seem like a “new age” concept that stands quite apart from anything to do with business, organizations, or society as a whole. Unfortunately, it is often viewed as a trendy new marketing approach to, “acquire more stuff”.

The Law of Attraction comes out of concepts from the study of quantum physics. Previously, classical physics concepts of matter and separateness were the constructs by which we defined our place in the world. Now quantum physicists, who hold an interest in consciousness (for example, Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe, Fritjof Capra) are using quantum physics to explain that we are energy beings. Quantum Physics is providing a way of looking at ourselves and the world, through eyes of connectivity, abundance and infinite possibility.


We need to understand the power of our thoughts – where they come from and how we can adjust our thoughts and feelings – something I refer to as our consciousness. A Mindshift is a shift in consciousness.


In Tuesday’s blog, I reviewed the third of our trio of TAO of Conscious Business(tm) Slides.  This slide points out that creativity is one of the key components for success in future business. Organizations do not become creative.  The individuals inside the organization tap their creative potential and, collectively, energize a creative organization. Individuals…”ABLE TO GO ANYWHERE”  are those who master the creative, imaginative process.

An Industrial Society could function efficiently with the majority of people using the logical method of moving “from A to B”. Logic will serve you well in a step by step processes.  These methodical processes, can now be done by computer or robots; or taught to people in emerging economies. Methodical processes lack the magic to make companies in the developed world sustainable and competitive.

Future organizations require a balance of left and right brain functioning.  Generally speaking, left brain function is attributed to the logical process, while right brain function is more aligned with creative and intuitive awareness.


However, I believe there is more to future success than just balancing the left and right hemispheres.  Recent brain research points to the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain of ethical, spiritual, and moral judgments.

It is, not surprisingly, called the Executive functioning area of the brain. This area does not completely form until one has reached their mid-twenties.  I think a fully functioning mind balances left, right and prefrontal cortex. When all three spheres are fully functional, we have tapped our humanness. Using all aspects of the brain, applying logical thinking, creative and intuitive awareness, and pulling it all together with ethical, moral and spiritual drive enables us to become the fully-developed humans we are capable of being.


Our western society has been largely driven by left brain thinking ever since the emergence of a scientific model in the 17th century.  We denied the creative or imaginative, giving it lesser value than the logical or pragmatic.  We have placed low credibility on prefrontal cortex capacities by straying away from teaching or living a moral and ethical existence. Nowhere is this more evident than in business and financial institutions. This ‘triad of balance’ is the ‘Corporate Mind Shift’ needed for the future of business. It is the first step in the TAO of Conscious Business(tm).  This is also the link between the Law of Attraction, and the future of organizations and of society.

An important technique for balancing all three spheres of the brain, left, right and prefrontal is meditation.  Begin to make your Mind Shift by learning to meditate and  practice a daily routine of at least 20 minutes to quiet, and balance, your thoughts and emotions.


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Judy Berg has taught the concepts of quantum physics, consciousness and intention, for almost a decade, through the 6 hour seminar she developed, titled “Attracting Success”.  Hundreds of people have gained from practical techniques, combined with theory,to understand how and why the techniques work.  You learn how your thoughts are shaped and how to change them.  If you want to change your reality – you change your thoughts and feelings. Contact her for a seminar for your organization.

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