Is The Little White Lie In YOUR Job Description?

“It doesn’t count if your
fingers are crossed!”

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“What do you do if your boss asks you to lie for him or her?”

Nan DeMars, author,“You Want Me to do What?”, says you should tell your boss I will never lie for you. But you also should know that I will never lie to you, either.“


With all the scandals we have been exposed to recently in the banking industry, on Wall Street, and in politics, one can’t help but wonder about the subordinates who “had to know”.


Is it possible that in these difficult economic times, even more pressure will be put on employees to participate in anything from “a little white lie”. that “the boss is too busy to talk to you today”, when he is really suffering from too much “self-medication“, in response to the stress brought on by all his work pressures…to being asked to out-and-out fudge the books at the bosses request. In cases like the Madoff scandal… up to 50 billion dollars worth of “averted eyes”.


This is a very difficult situation.  You know that jobs are in short supply as the economy is tightening up, and the chances of landing a position as senior as the one you now hold, is highly unlikely. So, it starts with, maybe the little ones. That doesn’t seem all that bad.  You know, telling someone the “boss is out of town” when he/she is really in the office, or that “the report is in the mail…maybe the courier screwed up”…when the report is not even written yet.  But once you start with the little white one, what are the possibilities that this will escalate?

Perhaps, the boss who expects you to cover for his whereabouts, may soon be expecting you to change a few figures in the books – “just for this reporting period”... “nothing important really” -”just a revised system of accounting in the short term”.

Before you know it… you are being drawn into territory that has you concerned you could be complicit in illegal activity.

Obviously, the most important things we need to know in life, we did learn in kindergarten… and telling the truth is a biggie.

The best way to handle this potentially escalating situation is to never allow yourself to step into the arena in the first place.  It is highly unlikely you will lose your job but if you do lose your job for standing on moral ground, then consider it with GRATITUDE, knowing that something much better will come your way.


More important than the lies, is the level of Consciousness lying brings to you and the organization.  Once it starts, it becomes the culture.  If you look at the Body Conscious Guide, you can see the the reasons for asking someone to lie would be in the lower part of the chart… Fear, Doubt, Shame, Hopeless, perhaps Anger, and of course, Guilt. Look again at the chart, and you can surely see lying does not come from higher levels of consciousness. You won’t find it in Love, Wonder, Joy, and certainly not, in Inner Peace.

Success is linked to highest consciousness – through Attraction.  You get what you are thinking about.  So, if you allow an organizational culture of lies -even the little white ones- you perpetuate more activities aligned with low level vibration.  That is why the lie will eventually “out” you.

Have you been asked to tell a lie at work?  How did you handle the situation?  Would you like to share your experiences and lessons learned to assist other readers who may be struggling with the problem?  Or, are you currently in such a situation, and want ideas about how to handle it from us and from our readers.  Tell us your story in the comments sections, or, if you prefer anonymity, you can tell us your story at and we will use false names to share the lessons that could be learned by others from your experience.


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4 Responses to “Is The Little White Lie In YOUR Job Description?”

  1. JudyBerg Says:

    As a former government "Spin Doctor" I appreciate how easily one falls into the role of looking at a situation to give it the "tiniest" twist, thereby, putting oneself (or in my case, one's bosses) in the best possible light.

    And although my article asks about "your boss" – the real question is for each of us to ask if we are putting ourselves or others in a "spin" situation – as you profess to in your last paragraph. What if we all rose to that same daily challenge… "Am I being completely honest in all my comments even though it may not make me look the best?"

    Ironically, in my life experience, regardless of what the situation is… being completely honest will always put you in the best possible light!

  2. David VanAmburg Says:

    Judy, what an appropriate time to focus on personal responsibility at the simplest daily level. Thanks.

    We rely on trust as the building block of our lives, our perceptions of reality, our economy and society. I trust my parents to tell me the truth as they raise me. I trust my spouse to tell me if my fly is down or I have food stuck in my teeth. I trust my co-workers to tell me when the product will ship to our customer.

    We need and expect our government officials, elected and appointed, to be transparent and honest in all things. Why would any of them think that they are allowed to know the truth but the public should not? How could our entire society come to know that every press conference is a game of words, that the job of the press secretary is to spin the "best light" on every situation? Why do we have to learn to interpret the truth from every "news" article?

    But it's not just " them" in government or the office, or at the store. It's you and me. It all comes down to whether you will just tell me if I have food stuck in my teeth, or I will admit I didn't get the project done last night.

    Every day one of my biggest challenges is to prevent myself from telling the tiny lies to make the day run smoother, while really chipping away at my self, my success in life, and the edifice we call our society.

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