Is This The Energy Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting For?

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Energy: Market-changing Products


“Think replacing batteries in electric cars, all the way down to no more lithium batteries in your computer, phone, and every other gizmo.”

Nick Gogerty has a brief discussion of such a product in his Designing Better Futures blog post, Ultracapacitors: is the energy revolution about to arrive?

We keep watching the market, as do so many folks in the energy industry for the game changer. One may have finally arrived!



Will this design hit the streets in the next 12 to 24 months? My fingers and toes are all crossed!

A few days ago I was watching the Security Now program with Steve Gibson and Leo LaPorte, and learned that the time may be soon.

Steve Gibson has been one of my tech heroes since the early 1980s when we starting writing a weekly column for InfoWorld. If you have never heard of him or his great security work, go to Gibson Research Corporation, use some of his free tools to test your computer, and SpinRite to save your hard drives.

Leo LaPorte has done a great job sharing tech information for years, and has built Twit TV, one of my favorite online information sites.


On this week’s Security Now show, #177, Steve offered his very positive assessment of stealth firm EEStor, and its new patent regarding UltraCapacitors. His electrical engineering analysis makes the success of this process sound highly probable.

If you want to understand the details, I’ll let you listen to the show’s conversation. Steve offers related information at

You can follow this company at News, Reviews, Interviews and Overviews of all things related to EEStor Inc. They have a good explanation in their December 31 post.


I read recently that 60% of the money that comes out of our pockets goes to pay for energy, either directly or somewhere in the manufacturing and supply chain. Even if it’s 30%, think about how much wealth could be generated if we didn’t have that overwhelming expense.

In 1995, I was conversing with the VP of an energy utility client about the future of energy. I expressed my unscientific belief that we finally would see major breakthroughs in energy sources within 10 years. I expected significant downsizing, so that central generation and transmission or distribution would no longer be required within 20 years. It’s good we didn’t bet. I was wrong. 2005 came and went, and no critical inventions hit the market.


But in 2009 things are rapidly changing. I love reading about folks like Yoshiro Nakamatsu, such as Brainsturbator’s homage blog. We need to support more geniuses like him, Dean Kaman [Wikipedia], and so many others. In addition to major advances in solar panels and windmills, two of the alluring concepts that have kept our attention are:

1. Water-fuelled engines and cars [Wikipedia]

2. Energy from from salt water. You’ve likely heard of this. While researching a cancer cure through radio frequency transmission, our friend, John Kanzius [Wikipedia], from here in Erie, also discovered the ability to create a flame from saltwater through the same radio transmission. John is focusing on his cancer treatment, while research on energy continues at Penn State and local firm Industrial Sales & Manufacturing owned by Jim Rutkowski and his family.

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