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by David VanAmburg


Are you looking for a job, rather than building your own business? Or are you looking to solve your hiring problems for your business? There are some wonderful resources available.

I invest some of my time as a member of the Northwest Pennsylvania Workforce Investment Board. Last year I donated $100,000 in billable time in creation of a strategic plan draft that was ultimately not used. There is a lot of useful information in that document. If you are interested in reading a copy, email me for access to it.

As a part of its development I looked at how people find jobs in the current marketplace, and how employers advertise and recruit. One of the common tools is the plethora of job posting sites.


Here are 130 job boards relevant to job seekers in northwest Pennsylvania. The majority are of use to those looking throughout the U.S., and some internationally.

It’s unfortunate that there is no one comprehensive site showing all listings.

If you want more information on the job market, whether for employers or employees, leave a comment in our related blog post, and we’ll provide further useful resources and analysis.


Whether you’re an employer or employee, which of these job boards have you explored? Which were of any value to you? Should any of these sites be removed from our list? Next week we’ll post a simple survey for you to complete and share your experience with others. When we have some results, we’ll let everyone see which job boards receive the highest ratings. Thanks.


Click here to access the 130 job boards.

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One Response to “Job Posting Resources for You”

  1. JudyBerg Says:

    Yesterday, Canada posted its job loss for the month of January, the highest number ever in a one month period at 129,000. I believe the US announced an equally devastating number of almost 600,000.
    Interestingly, commentators in Canada, were remarking that although it was bleak, it was not as bad as what the US was experiencing. Ironically, no one was reporting or comparing on a per capita basis. The Canadian population is about one-tenth that of the US… a comparative number would be more like 1.29 million jobs lost.
    I don't like to be a "Chicken Little", but I also do not like to see leaders with their heads in the sand.
    This directory is a wonderful resource. Yes, the economy is bad but at the same time there are many employers still crying for workers. The province I live in , British Columbia,is short 2000 nurses.
    My friend , Peter, says in the little town he lives in, the woman who owns the corner grocery store is paying more than double the minimum wage and cannot get someone to work in this little community at the retail store.
    Become familiar with this directory resource before you have lost your job. The jobs are out there and will continue to be. The economy is undergoing a huge adjustment as we shift out of a manufacturing/ industrial era. It means each worker needs to be prepared to retrain, relocate and rethink…and it is best to do that when you are still employed.
    I was a Director in our federal department of Employment and Immigration during the recession in the mid-1980's. Our unemployment rate was between 12 – 16% and even higher in certain regions and Atlantic Canada. We are currently at 7.6%. This current jobless figure would have been considered good news back then… and at that time, since we had been in recession for a few years, we had a much larger number of discouraged workers who were no longer even being counted in that rate.
    We are no where close to the jobless bottom of this recession and workers will be well-advised to have a Plan B while they are still employed.

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