Let`s Redefine Abundance


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I believe one of the reasons the concept of the Law of Attraction caught on so quickly was its resonance with ideas of abundance. We are infatuated with a definition of abundance that is about GETTING more, MAKING more, HAVING more.

That is the level of understanding many people had of what this Law is all about. And a formula or law that could possibly tell us how to acquire material wealth more quickly and easily, certainly is as attractive as being given the Midas touch.

Not sure if what I say is true? – test yourself…

“Who comes to mind when I ask you to think about the most successful person in your high school graduating class?”

It is quite likely the person who came to mind was someone who has made a lot of money, holds a high ranking position, and has a lot of visible trappings that imply wealth – big house, big car, fine clothes, great vacations and adventures.

We tend to measure our self-worth, and our perception of the worth of others, by their levels of material abundance. My hope is that we will not dismiss this Law of Attraction concept before we understand its true meaning. It does work…and it does bring great abundance. But abundance of a different type than what we normally think of when we think about abundance.


I am probably one of the few people out there who is somewhat pleased to see this current economy that is nipping at our heels. Not that I am in a comfortable position without worry about finances – not by any means. I feel this way because I think we were spinning out of control and had lost our compass for the things that really matter. Our definition of abundance had become far too limited.

Now is a good time to carefully look at what you are spending your money on…your personal expenditures, your corporate expenditures -  and our societal expenditures.

What we spend money on tells us what we value. Interestingly, in our society, hockey players and young movie idols with questionable morals, receive great sums of money from us…while research scientists and doctors carry debt loads for funding their educations or research projects for decades.

And how we share wealth or who we let have access to it,  tells us a great deal about our definition of abundance, and who we believe is deserving of abundance.


In a Voice of America report, December 2006…

  • Adults worth at least two thousand two hundred dollars were in the top half of world wealth.

  • The richest ten percent were those worth at least sixty-one thousand dollars.

  • And the richest one percent had wealth of at least five hundred thousand dollars.  Thirty-seven million people were in that top one percent.  More than half lived in the United States or Japan.

  • North America has only six percent of all adults but thirty-four percent of all household wealth.  Together, people in North America, Europe and high-income countries in Asia and the Pacific hold almost ninety percent of world wealth.

  • One hundred million children are living in the streets and 1.2 billion people are subsisting on less than one dollar a day.

  • At the same time the world’s 200 richest citizens are enjoying a combined wealth of more than $1,000Bn.

    You now have an opportunity to redefine what abundance means to you. I hope you will discover the joy that comes from the so -called simple things in life…love of family, friends, being one with the brotherhood of man, and the joy and appreciation of being alive on this beautiful planet.

    If you apply the Law of Attraction to attract this kind of abundance into  your life, it will reward you many times over, and you will acquire a wealth that will weather any financial crisis.


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