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As difficult as it may be to grasp, solutions to business and personal issues will come from places you least expect…when you are in the right mindset.

In our current global economic reality, things can seem overwhelming. Are there really any new ways to resolve seemingly complex issues?

“How will I keep my company afloat when it seems the problems are of such a magnitude that I cannot even relate to them.”

“How will I keep my job when the solutions seem to be so out of my control?”



Stuck in a rut? Making the same decisions to each new problem over and over? Feeling frustrated and unable to tap into the more creative aspects of your potential? Maybe you, and your organization, could benefit from a MindShift.

The first 5 MindShift techniques I propose, is that you…

1. Play more – Stop working so hard -that will definitely be a shift from our current Victorian work ethic. Most likely you have been told just the opposite all your life… if you want more, you just have to work harder. If things are not going well, put more effort into what you are doing. In this “do more”, “work harder” mode, you are in a consciousness of  stress, anxiety,or  doubt (see Body Conscious Guide).

Instead, let yourself  relax, go and do something you love to do, leave work early, without regrets, and in that new consciousness, you  will experience an increase in your productivity and feel  inspired to creative new ideas.

2.  Take a walk in nature – in a place of natural beauty with running water and lots of foliage there are high levels of negative ions. Although there may be controversy on this subject, there is a school of thought that suggests high levels of positive ions such as we experience prior to storms, create feelings of discomfort. Adherents to this theory point to the reaction of cattle and other animals prior to an electrical storm.

On the other hand, in areas where one finds higher levels of negative ions, such as in nature and around running water, there is a feeling of calm, and relaxation. Again, testimonials suggest many people attest to having this response when they are in nature.

Whether it is the negative  ions, or just the exercise, or the break from the routine; to make a MindShift, you are well-advised to find a special place to stroll (not jog!) and smell the flowers along the way.

3.  Stay Present – consider how frequently, when, in the midst of a crisis, your thoughts, as well as, the open discussions around the boardroom table swing to, “what happened yesterday… last week… who did what to whom… what will happen tomorrow… if only”…well, I think you have heard what I am talking about!

The MindShift that needs to happen here is to identify the specifics of where we are at the moment, and to become creative about solving the immediate issue.Stay present and focus only on the issue at hand.

4.  Breathe – one of the first things that happens when our bodies are tense, is our breathing becomes more shallow. The brain gets less oxygen and we cannot operate as efficiently. Calling for a pause in the dialogue at the boardroom table, asking everyone to take  a few deep breaths, or even calling for a few minutes of meditation (would you have the courage to do that!) could greatly increase the ability of the people involved to come up with new and exciting solutions!

5.  Do a Consciousness reading – we developed The Body Conscious Guide Online Survey as a tool to connect with the consciousness of a group of people at any given time. This tool can be used in the middle of a meeting, and it can be used anonymously, if desired.

Consciousness is the elephant in the room.

If we don’t address it,  it becomes bigger and bigger, until there seems to be no room left to manoeuver in the room. Don’t let it overtake your good intentions.

These are but a few of the techniques we teach at the MindShift retreats. We choose locations in tranquil surroundings and provide opportunities for hands-on experiences to shift your consciousness. These new skills transcend all areas of your life…corporate as well as, personal.


If you know a company that is making a Mindshift towards serving humanity while still turning a profit, we would like to know about them. Let us know by contacting:: or leave the information in the comments section of this post.

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