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Two weeks ago, in a blog titled,People Don’t Dislike Network Marketing, They Dislike Network Marketers”, I noted 10 behaviours I believe need to be addressed for this industry to gain credibility in the economic arena.

Over the next weeks, I intend to address each of the 10 items, one at a time.This week I want to talk about the…


Of course, spam of any kind is anything but synonymous with professionalism. With the advent of easy and anonymous communication via the Internet, it is much easier to forget ones ethics under a cloak of anonymity, and behave or communicate  in a way one would not normally behave.


When it comes to building a sustainable network marketing business, this is the golden rule…relationships.

It is the litmus test that you must put all prospecting or marketing methods up against. If it fulfills a means to develop and create lasting relationships, then use it… otherwise, forget it.  The reality is, if it is not about building relationships,  it absolutely will not give you the sustained results you are looking for… despite what some of the big mass marketers or promoters in the industry might have you believe.

If you want to build a successful business, but you are tempted to use ‘cast a net” marketing, the results will be short-lived. What may have given you a quick fix or instant high when you saw numbers go rolling up, will collapse, as quickly as they soared. Let the lessons of the current economic collapse be a model to reflect on if ever you are tempted, through greed or laziness, or if you are being encouraged by others in the industry to use a quick fix.


Twitter is the fastest growing, free communication tool on the internet.  It is a micro-blogging site and like any blogging site, there are some worthwhile comments being made on Twitter – and there is a lot of useless junk. It is to blogging -  what IM’s are to email.

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that allows its users to send and read other users’ updates (otherwise known as tweets), which are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length.[wikipedia].

At present there is no charge for the use of Twitter, so it is being attacked for all kinds of possibilities from the rapid dissemination of information in emergencies, or social injustices… to letting a thousand friends know what you plan to have for dinner… to the “sales pitch a minute” spamming of a business opportunity.

In January 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 experienced multiple bird strikes and had to be ditched in the Hudson River after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in New York City. Janis Krum, a passenger on one of the ferries that rushed to help, took a picture of the downed plane as passengers were still evacuating and tweeted it via TwitPic before traditional media arrived at the scene.[wikipedia]


In my first blog on this subject, “People Don’t Dislike Network Marketing, They Dislike Network Marketers”, I made this plea…

“It makes me want to scream out for all of you ethical, relationship-oriented network marketers out there, to stand up and demand professional standards, no different than any other industry or professional organization. That is an important step in professionalizing any emerging industry. When a code of conduct is laid out, and association standards agreed upon, the industry finally gains the credibility it deserves.”


Whether it be spamming Twitter, or any other kind of mass spamming – please, don’t go there! Your organization will only grow and be sustained, through the positive and enduring relationships you build… why do you think it is called “networking“… not spamming???


There are many incredible, effective uses of Twitter for building your network marketing organization. Twitter is about staying in touch through rapid messages, sent to large numbers of people, very conveniently via your computer or cell phone. Think of the possibilities! Although I certainly don’t encourage this extreme, a recent news headline reported that one teenager sent more than 14,000 Twitter messages in one day.

The key is, people must opt in to follow you, or not.

Consider using this as a communication tool for your down line – let them choose whether they will want to participate or not. You can quickly communicate about:

  • upcoming conference calls
  • webinars
  • product sales or changes
  • where you are going to be giving some presentations
  • company updates
  • inspirational thoughts
  • product testimonials
  • “I am thinking about you!”  – relationship messages

Twitter costs money to operate and, at the present time, the user does not have to pay. Use it wisely as you would any effective communication tool, and it will serve you well in  building a professional and successful organization… and encourage other networkers to do the same.

We need to become self-policing – our behaviours reflect back on all of us.

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