Network Marketing No-No # 7 – False Flattery

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This most be the oldest “Pick Up” line in the network marketing book. It is the subject today of our 7th post in a 10 part series on network marketing No-No’s. This list of behaviours that I wish network marketers would immediately stop using, grew out of a post I wrote titled, People Don’t Dislike Network Marketing, They Dislike Network Marketers.”


It was probably six decades ago, with the intention of showing interest and sincere flattery, that this phrase entered the training manual for network marketers. Most likely the underlying reason for it, though, had more to do with, “doing whatever it takes to grow my organization.”

So now, let erase it.

“Listening, not imitation, may be the sincerest form of flattery.” – Dr. Joyce Brothers, psychologist


If you can HEAR what I am saying here, you will be exceptionally successful in your network marketing business.

Active listening is a much talked about skill and, like mother-hood and apple-pie, everyone preaches the importance of listening but in reality, I see few who do it.

To become an accomplished listener, you need some basic complementary skills:

1.  Patience - know that a truly successful, sustainable network marketing business will be built over time.

2. Service - your role is to be of service to those who may be looking for what your product or company has to offer. You will only know that if you ask a lot of questions.

3. Empathy – understand and be sensitive to where the other person is coming from – it is ALL about them.

4. Honesty - only speak truth; about your products, your business, your experience, and your opinions of them.

5. Professionalism – act at all times as you would if you were the ethical CEO of a huge corporation, because that is what you are wanting to be.

6. Relationships – this is relationship marketing and your job is to build lasting relationships. Anything less than that is not worthy of the industry or of you.

If you are using this check list to govern your behaviour, you would never be tempted, or trained, to give false flattery or any other artificial means to draw someone into signing up in your business.


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