Network Marketing No-No #8 – Our Plan Pays A Gazillion dollars!!!

Beware of the Greed

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Ah, greed. How quickly it can seep into our brains and cloud our, otherwise, clear thinking. I have spoken to people about legitimate network marketing companies, only to have them reply,“I just don’t do that type of thing”.

Then, astoundingly, later, I have had some of them call me to propose a blatantly illegal pyramid structure they would like me to participate in. In response to my confusion as to why they would turn down a legal business opportunity, to be taken in by this obvious scam, they reply, “But all kinds of doctors, lawyers, accountants are doing it!’


Network marketing is a legitimate direct selling business structure that has been regulated by government legislation since the 1970’s.

The size of this industry may surprise you. According to the Direct Sellers Association, the  worldwide workforce looks like this:

  • 68 million distributors
  • 110 billion in annual sales
  • only 12% work 20 or more hours per week
  • 71% have more than a high school education; 29% technical school, 32% college graduates, and 10% postgraduates


Legitimate companies are those who take quality products into the marketplace at a fair pricing structure. The advantage of direct selling to the consumer, is they can purchase from someone they know and trust, they can access the product in the comfort of their homes, and with many new technology or wellness products, they gain the benefit of education and support to learn how to use the product…a feature no longer offered in the world of discount “Wal-Mart” marketing.

In a world in financial crisis, the advantage to the distributor is the power to be totally in control of when, where, and how much effort you put into earning an income. The only one who can lay you off…is you.


If  it seems the sole emphasis of a company is making fast money, it is time for you to sit back, take a few deep breaths, and ask yourself, “If it is really so easy to get a swack of money, why isn’t everyone doing it?”

I listened to a radio program a couple of days ago alerting local people to the rerun of a very old Ponzi scheme, Women Helping Women. I was astonished at the naivety of the callers who said when they attended these meetings and saw lots of credible people from their community, they thought it must be ok!

Listen to your intuition! Do you really think a legitimate business would be one in which you give someone $5,000.00 and you sit back and wait for your $40,000.00 to materialize!

The sad thing for me was the confusion the callers and the hosts had with thinking what they had just signed on for was no different than the juice company their brother was asking them to take a look at. They still did not get it!


Let go of the belief that maybe, somewhere, there is a bunch of money just waiting for you, if only you were in the right place at the right time. How many ‘Madoffs’ or ‘Nigerian Scams’ or other versions of Ponzi schemes, have to be exposed before people… get it!

1. There must be a sale of product, ideally a consumable product for you to have repeat customers

2. There must be customers - you cannot just get paid for signing people up

3. Is the product something you or your friends would like to purchase?…if so, there will likely be a market demand

5. You must have a passion for the product, beyond just thinking about the money you will make

6. The pay plan needs to reflect a reasonable bonus for you, but the company also has to make a profit if they are to stay in business. Typically, successful network marketing companies pay out between 21 – 52%.

7. You should not have to carry a large inventory.

8. The signup kit should not exceed $500.00 by law. You may choose to buy more products, but that is your choice.

9. You should expect to work... it is netWORK marketing. If you are being told all you have to do is sign up and the money will appear, you KNOW it is not legitimate, so quit hoping maybe you will get the money and get out before anyone is charged.

10. Expect to put in several years to build a full-time income. This is no different from any other business. You will have good days and bad days, but those who continue to work the business will reap the rewards.

Honesty – Integrity – Ethics ...are the best compensation plan…if what you are doing does not feed that basic criteria, you are in the wrong place.



If you know a company that is making a Mindshift towards serving humanity while still turning a profit, we would like to know about them. Let us know by contacting:: or leave the information in the comments section of this post.

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4 Responses to “Network Marketing No-No #8 – Our Plan Pays A Gazillion dollars!!!”

  1. Danny Lucas Says:

    All of these sales tend to gravitate toward marketing family and friends. There is often a subtle pressure on them "to help out" their distressed friend (you). Keep in mind that at some point, you will have exhausted all friends and family, and must NOW approach strangers. It is coming at some point. I say, START with strangers. Your product is either good or not. Your sales skills exist or do not. Cut the chase and sell to strangers. Family and friends will be a piece of cake, AFTER they see their purchase won't make or break your success. You need them for support if you fail. You don't need strangers, if you fail.
    Also, decide if you will sell a tangible or an intangible. Few can do both. Tangible can be demonstrated easily and held in your hand. Easy to sell because the item often speaks for itself. Amway started with soap, SA-8. Intangibles may be insurance, put and calls, and the like. Concepts are far harder to sell, and more lucrative, but it takes a different style of approach since you must make the invisible become visible.

  2. Judy Berg Says:

    Great points, Danny. There is a lot written about handling "rejection", or about not wanting to "lose my friends"…in direct selling. If however, you are not emotionally attached to the response from the individual you are presenting your product to…if you have belief in the value of your product..and if, you are thinking about their needs, not yours…there is no rejection or loss of friends. If you invited an acquaintance into your home and they declined a cup of coffee…are you rejected? Your business will not thrive or survive, if it is built on the emotional blackmail of those who love you, or for some reason feel they must bail you out. By all means, test your skills in a "cold market". If there is a market demand for what you are offering, your business will succeed.

  3. Amit Mehta Says:

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  4. Peter Graham Says:

    I really like the fact that you say make it a business. I think too many of us don't. Guess the question that needs to be asked would I hire myself… then keep myself or fire myself. I think if you can answer that then you'll know if you have a business.
    Your other point of giving it several years to build "as long as you keep building it yourself" I think people get a few people to join and a few customers and then think it will continue! Then say it does not work when it does not.
    I also agree with Danny points and maybe we should start with strangers and see how they receive what we are offering?

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