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Two weeks ago, in a blog titled,People Don’t Dislike Network Marketing, They Dislike Network Marketers”, I noted 10 behaviours I believe need to be addressed for our industry to gain credibility in the economic arena.

Over the next weeks, I will address each of the 10 items, one at a time. Last week we took on number 1 – “The Big Guy Breathing on the Phone.

This week our number 2 behaviour is… SPAMMING SOCIAL NETWORKS...


Historically, the industry has taught this is “a numbers game”. That means, if you talk to enough people, you will eventually build a successful network. Well, much of that, of course, is true. If you do enough of anything, you will likely achieve your objectives.

But, as in many things, concepts can get distorted, and this is one that certainly has.


I hesitate to even repeat this phrase… “if you throw enough mud against the wall, something will stick” -  but my intention with this Blog on network marketing is move the elephant out of the room. If we don’t talk about it, we will not realize where it is, how big it is, and in what direction it is pointed, so we can get it moving – out – where we want it to stay!

So this idea of talking or marketing to large numbers of people, which makes sense mathematically, becomes distorted. A bit of laziness slips in… “if it is about numbers how can I get a lot of numbers – FAST?” In case there is anyone out there who has not yet figured this out – this marketing attitude does not win over respectful customers or garner favorable public opinion.


If you have this attitude -  of just slamming enough people – and don’t tell me this marketing approach doesn’t exist anymore, or you have not been at my parents home for the 3-4 telemarketing calls they receive each and every day. Somehow, in the whole marketing scheme of things,  there still exits a thought that it doesn’t matter about relationships, if you “hit on” enough people, you will find some who cannot resist your pitch, they will buy, and you will turn a profit…and that is all that matters.


The danger with the current development of social networking sites, is they are cause for “the lights in the eyes of network marketer with this marketing attitude” to light up!

“WOW – a way to send one letter to tens of thousands!” In fact, some network marketing companies have been set up to  do just that on your behalf.

Oh, oh – now, that will be tempting – “all I have to do is write one email – blast it everywhere -  and wait for the cheques to roll in.”


There is however, a professional and responsible way to take part in the Internet revolution of the marketing industry. It is the same way you would do this business in a professional and responsible way, face-to-face.

Social networks are a way of meeting new people. And network marketing is about sharing your product and business with people you have developed a relationship with, and who are looking for the solution you have. It really should be called Relationship Marketing.


I am a strong advocate of using Internet marketing for the network marketing business. It will completely change the industry – if we use it properly. If not, we may get pushed out totally.

What better way to meet people across the globe. But you had better be very well-prepared for the implications for doing business in this way.

In this blog, I want only to talk about making contacts with people via social networks. In future, we will talk about what that means when it comes to supporting, training, and being an online mentor to people at a distance.


Whether it is Facebook, My Space or any of the numerous other social/business networks out there, make certain your number one reason for joining is:

a) To make new friends..    and then…

b) Know the rules of the particular social network -  if there are any -  regarding promoting business activities…

c) Spend time cultivating relationships…

d) If someone asks you what you do, direct them to your website, and suggest if they want more information they contact you at your professional email address.

e) And most of all remember – what you put out on the net is there for all to see – forever… think twice before you hit SEND…


Now, compare this to face-to-face marketing of your  business.

Let’s say you are invited to go to a party. You mingle with the guests making small talk and getting to know people you may not have met before. Someone asks you what you do. You may briefly tell them, perhaps you give them your card, and, if they seem interested, you tell them you will call them to talk about it at another time.

If you are not doing that – you should be.

It is no different if you are coming to a party of social people on the internet – the same good manners and professionalism apply.


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