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Japanese consciousness researcher, Dr. Masaru Emoto has a dream to take his astounding work with ice crystals and the Hidden Messages of Water to every child on the planet. Through the Emoto Peace Project, Dr. Emoto is making available for free, this child’s version of Messages of Water.

A FREE version of the book is available now for downloading just by clicking on this photo.


Dr. Emoto has done some very interesting research to better understand the nature of water. His work seems to connect the resonance of our thoughts or consciousness to the vibrational medium of water. When he exposed water to a vibration of negativity, it created a different ice crystal formation than crystals exposed to loving thoughts, words or emotions.

Dr. Emoto contends, since the human body is more than 70% water, we can perhaps draw some conclusions about what happens to our  levels of consciousness when we are exposed to positive versus negative words, experiences or circumstances.

I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Emoto speak at the Healthy Workplaces conference in Niagara on the Lake in March 2008, where I was also a workshop presenter on the subject of  The Conscious Organization.


Judy with Dr. Emoto at Healhty Workplaces conference

Judy with Dr. Emoto at Healthy Workplaces conference

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