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In an annual perception survey, international polling firm, Globescan, released results for 2009, finding the US reversing a previous downward trend in how the world perceives its ability to exert a positive impact, from a low of 28% in 2005, to a new high of 40% in February, 2009. The improvement is believed to be linked to the election of Barak Obama.

With the question, “Please tell me if you think each of the following are having a mainly positive or mainly negative influence in the world,Globescan, in partnership with PIPA, the Program on International Policy Attitudes and the University of Maryland, have compiled results of “perception of influence” of approximately 16 states (varies somewhat annually) as ranked by 13,000 (at times as high as 33,000) people in 26 countries since 2004.



According to Jonathan Marcus, BBC diplomatic correspondent… “today the stakes are high… a whole new discipline has been created, that of “public diplomacy”…it is a field where the traditional diplomat often sits side-by-side with the opinion pollster and the expert on social attitudes.”

If there is increasing awareness that global perceptions of the actions of a state can make a difference, then, is it not likely the perceptions of your employees, clients and community, on how your business is conducted is also having an impact on your success, or lack of it?

Yesterday, my 86 year old mother was scheduled for neurosurgery at 1:00PM. Our contacts with clerical staff in the reception and admitting areas were, at best, aloof and depersonalized… at worst…downright rude… “And you are?..” seems to be the new, “How may I help you?” One hour after she was due to be in surgery, we were advised surgery was canceled due to lack of beds. We were to go home and return same time next week… and if no one called us to confirm this by Friday, we were to call to remind them.


In Canada we have primarily a one-tier health care system, so there is no competition for this hospital. But no competition means customer service should be even more meticulous…because it is the right way to treat people.

Are your customers leaving, not because you do not have the best product or service, but because of the attitudes of the staff with whom they come into contact? Are your staff holding negative attitudes because of things that are happening or not happening inside your company? Do you know what the level of consciousness is in your organization? Is that consciousness telling more about you than your product or service is saying?

If you do not have the answers to these questions you are flying blind.

That is the reason we developed a simple online survey instrument you can use to benchmark and track consciousness or attitudes inside your organization, just as Globescan and the PIPA are doing to advise world leaders. Wouldn’t you rather find out about what is really being thought or felt in your business, before someone puts it out on the web?

If you are ready to gain a better understanding of the attitudes or consciousness of your organization, customers, or partners, contact us to explore how our online, real-time response, Consciousness Survey can be customized to be the most valuable tool you will use to increase and sustain your business impact and results.


If you know a company that is making a Mindshift towards serving humanity while still turning a profit, we would like to know about them. Let us know by contacting:: or leave the information in the comments section of this post.

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