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“Canadians Caught in U.S. Rules – Passenger information will be collected for all aircraft that fly over U.S, – even if they don’t land.” Source: newspaper article, Monday, November 24th, dateline Ottawa, by Canadian Press.

If it were not so frightening, it would be funny. At best, it certainly is a classic example of how the “old” Power structure phase will go to any lengths to maintain control and create an environment of fear, as they unconsciously sense their reign drawing to a close.(click to enlarge the Enlightened Orgs graph explaining the erosion of the current Phase of Power and Control).


Apparently, new regulations, set to begin in January under the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Secure Flight Program, will require the names, gender and birth date of all Canadians who are flying OVER U.S. airspace, to be registered with Washington, ideally, 72 hours before departure.

So much for that last minute “surprise your wife” trip to Cuba!

The article goes on to explain – and confirm, for those of us left with our mouths agape – YES, this does mean…

“U.S. Transportation Security Administration is pushing ahead with plans to collect personal information about air passengers on flights passing through American airspace, even if the plane never touches down on U.S. soil.”


Why am I left feeling like an ET? Are they afraid we will crash?

Let’s see - let me search the article for some rational explanation, I am sure it is here – “ah, here it is!”

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said, “Secure Flight, which transfers the task of watch-list screening to the TSA from individual airlines, will reduce the number of false matches and clear up mistakes more quickly.”

OF COURSE – why didn’t I THINK of that!


Somehow it doesn’t look quite the same from this side of the border. In true Canadian, “Oh, dear, my goodness”... reaction… here is the Canadian response…

“Roch Tasse of the Ottawa-based International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group considers the program a threat to Canadian sovereignty. “It’s the United States having control over which Canadians are allowed to board a plane or not. So it’s a big political conundrum… where our charter of rights will be breached by another country.”

Oh!…A CONUNDRUM! – that ’s it!


As in all evolution, there is a struggle as the old regime desperately continues to implement old ideas, in increasingly stringent ways, to prove they are right; while at the same time, a new reality is being born and eventually takes hold. Is this an example of the “old thinking” trying to hang on to power and control by instilling ubiquitous fear?

The question is how long and how hard will the struggle be, before the old regime concedes that change must occur?

Actually, WE are the ones who will decide…how long are we prepared to sit back and let the old ways of fear, control, terror, scarcity, and hopelessness permeate our reality? Let’s accept the responsibility to create our preferred reality


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6 Responses to “Power Elite Struggles For Control”

  1. Danny Lucas Says:

    "Sorry. Your comment is too long. Try splitting it into multiple comments"

    These are not TSA directions. This is the entrance protocol for "Deaparting" comments to this article. Decide for yourself if this comment is too long. I will relay in two parts, instead of one part.
    My gender is classified. My date of birth is embasrrasiing.

  2. Danny Lucas Says:

    1 of 2
    James K. Robinson used to work for the Justice Department and is also an attorney.
    On the "No Fly" Watchlist of terrorists, who are not permitted to be airborn period, (not just a Canadian thing here), happens to be the infamous terrorist, James K. Robinson. As you can see, from the name, it is difficult to tell this person's gender. Further, the system as originally designed, failed to incorporate that more than ONE person, may have the same name.

    Hence, many mistaken and inconvenience "No Fly" applications have occurred to innocent people (including US Senators!). This is embarrassing to the TSA. The false claims mount daily.
    Terrorists have apparently learned the value of using a John Smith name as opposed to Kalid el Kalid type name. The new rules are designed to rectify falsely detained MORE than catch a terrorist.

  3. Danny Lucas Says:

    2 of 2
    You are NO safer. You just feel safer, like when you take your shoes and belt off and throw away a perfectly good bottle of $2 water as you get scoped in line, and proceed to immediately buy a NEW $2 bottle of water on the other side. The agency needs torn down. Seal off the cabin completely with separate entrance for the captain and buddies. Problem over.
    Fliers happy again.

    On a personal note, I laughed at my brother, in front of the TSA, as he began diving into a waste basket and mulling around. He came up for air with a cigarrette lighter. It was pitched by a departing soul.
    My brother was an arriving soul. He told me they took his at the airport he left, so he was replacing it here, where we landed. I looked for handcuffs appearing at any moment, and thought the insanity plea may work.

  4. JudyBerg Says:

    God Bless us all, Danny!

    I think there must be a 'wisdom' out there, that believes if we introduce enough" rules" we will be able to offset the need for anyone to have to use common sense.

    - I have been sent to Dept of Agriculture at an airport because I was in possession of a single banana I forgot to toss before going through Customs

    - I have drunk a full bottle of water while holding up the security screening lineup because they told me the water was too cold to pour on to a plant in the vicinity, and I was not about to give up my special bottle with its built-in filter, so I had to drink its entire "toxic" contents in front of the security folks

    - I once had to forfeit my lunch of roast beef meat sandwiches at a US border crossing during the Mad Cow fiasco.

    .. if you are in the Hamilton airport there is a special potted plant with my sons wonderful army knife he refused to give up… just waiting for his return one day :)

    – my airport stupidity stories are endless

    - and then there is my brother, who is a double black belt, who shows me how easily one could maime a pilot or crew with a 39 cent Bic pen… sigh… read my post tomorrow!

    Appreciate your comments!

  5. Danny Lucas Says:

    I tried to help a fellow in front of me once. He put his belt, wallet, change, keys, and lint in the gray box, then walked through the "Terrorist Detector". He rang intense interest; they made him step in front. At the time, I wore hearing aids, and the batteries would always make me a candidate too. But, they are too expensive to be shoved in a gray box and picked through as fruit at the market.
    I learned to inform TSA BEFORE I went through the detector, and while wearing the aids.

    The stranger had his pants down and was in boxers. Women were showing as much interest as men do when a bra is in the distance clearly exposed. (We are a corrupt bunch, all of us).
    I gathered my goods from my box after passing and noticed the boxer brief fellow had ALL of his items in the tray next to mine. ANYONE could take his money and ID.

  6. Danny Lucas Says:

    I looked back at him 4 feet away and the guards had their backs to me. I wanted to tell them to pick up this stuff before it was stolen. A warning went off internally. "Don't get involved or YOUR pants will come down too"…as if I knew this stranger. I left, added a prayer for the safety of his goods, and took my eyes off the bra too. I love Hamilton, so maybe I will walk across the Tundra of a Lake and see your sons goods.
    Far easier than flying, eh?
    I was embarrassed for you as a Canadian, for on 9/11/2001, no International inbound flights were permitted, yet they could not return from whence they came (fuel gone). Canada stepped in and took care of the "Stranded Yanks", for which we are eternally grateful.

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