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A big shift in all our institutions, businesses and governments is underway. The old power regime is struggling to retain control but, as in any evolutionary process, it must adapt or be replaced by a more adaptable system. In this discussion of Slide 2 of our TAO of Conscious Business(tm) trio of slides, we point out a few of the symptoms that confirm for us the decline is underway. Click to review Slide 1

Our first TAO to Conscious Business(tm) Blog describing Slide 1, provided an overview of the model, explaining that all organizations, institutions, political systems or economic models are living systems, characterized by the times in which they were born and thrived. But like all living systems, they have a finite life span.

Our current reality is characterized by traditional mindsets struggling for self-preservation using old ideas to attempt to create new realities.”


Their usefulness wanes with planetary and consciousness shifts. What worked in an Agrarian Society is not relevant in the Information Age. We have moved through an Agrarian Society, followed by a journey through an Industrial Society shaped by Manufacturing, and then Information and Technology Ages.

Another dramatic shift is upon us – a shift more radical than any we have previously recorded. As this New Society is forming, the old living systems are picking up on a sense of impending doom. Life is a constant cycle of Birth – Life – Death – and Rebirth. The leap of faith comes in the Rebirth stage. For those dinosaurs who refuse to accept there is rebirth following or preceding death – death is the final step. So it is with organizations and businesses. Those who refuse to be open to the need to change will see their demise. Those who can accept that the old is no longer viable and are prepared to let go of the old ideas, methods and solutions that are strangling them – and begin to embrace new values and radically new concepts and are prepared to shape the new Society – will thrive.


The Phase on its way out is a Phase of Power and Scarcity. It is centered on profit – at all costs. It is characterized by power, control and fear. This has been the era of TAKERS. Business has taken from the land, taken from the people, and taken from our spirits. “He who has the most toys wins.” Oddly, this appetite seems insatiable – and certainly unsustainable. Our resources are finite. Will the creature ever be sated?


There are many signs this model, which worked when the world’s population numbered in the hundreds of millions, when the land was untouched, and when its supply of riches seemed never ending… is no longer working. Mother Nature has an amazing way of caring for herself. As humans, we have come to believe we are the most intelligent species on the planet, and that puts us in total control of all that is happening. But we are only a flea on the side of Mother Earth. She has a wisdom from a higher power. And she knows how to shift to make herself more comfortable when we get too annoying. We have selected just a few events that lead us to believe a shift is underway. We need to hurry to adjust if we are going to evolve.


The Berlin Wall was a visual reminder of the ideological differences between Communism and Democracy. Normal methods of solution to ideological rifts, negotiation and treaties, seemed unlikely to bring about any kind of compromise, as the wall seemed an impenetrable fortress. Brother and sister, mother and daughter, were all caught in an artificial barrier based on an idea. After several weeks of civil unrest, suddenly, the East German government announced on November 9, 1989,“enough is enough” . East German citizens could visit West Germany and West Berlin. Jubilant crowds clamored on the wall and literally tore it down piece by piece. A similar amazing event occurred a few years later when a non-bloody grass-roots coup later dumped the Communist government in the Soviet Union.

“Never doubt the potential of a small group of thoughtful people to change the world.  Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”  – Margaret Meade”


The list of examples here is so long it would take an entire volume to remind you of all the cases that have occurred over just the past decade pointing out how far our moral compass has gone awry. CEO’s earning exorbitant incomes, several hundred times that of their employees; fudging the books for their shareholders; driving their companies into bankruptcies through mismanagement and then expecting governments to bail them out without taking any cuts to their salaries or bonuses; and, just blatantly stealing from the company by using company funds to bankroll their extravagant lifestyles. Each of these cases, and these are just a few to serve as a small reminder: Enron, WorldCom, Conrad Black of Hollinger International, and Martha Stewart, are examples of that insatiable appetite for more and more for ME.


“More than half of the world’s wealth belongs to just two percent of adults.”

The director of the World Institute for Development Economic Research, Anthony Shorrocks, offered a simple way to think of all these numbers. If the world had only ten people, he says, one person would have ninety-nine dollars. The other nine people would have to share one dollar.”

If this doesn’t frighten you about the possibility of a revolt between the “haves” and “have-nots” , then consider this quote from the Father of Economics himself… Adam Smith.

No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.”

– Adam Smith – The Wealth of Nations, Book I Chapter VI


The Phase of Power and Scarcity is about TAKERS. To be a TAKER, you create a level of fear that minimizes the potential for resistance. You create an environment in which people are dependent upon your good will to keep them safe. In this scenario, the TAKER is free to do whatever he wishes – under the blanket of fear that has been woven. All previous wars have had a visible enemy who lived in a specific area and fought openly in battle. Once President Bush declared a War on Terrorism, the Power structures (TAKERS) can go where ever they chose to fight this covert enemy – “that could be lurking on your back doorstep”. You are controlled into believing you must be grateful for those who introduce invasive security measures in the interests of protecting you. It was the covert rationale for attacking Iraq and entering Afghanistan… although many questioned the obvious link of these countries to sources for US oil.


Adam Smith believed that capitalism depended upon a drive for man to achieve and have increasingly more… but even Smith believed that this appetite would have some inherent limits. The ravaging of our natural resources, rain forests, and the pollution of our waters, would suggest he might have been wrong in his assessment of the gluttony of man. The planet is telling us it is time to stop. Our consumption has outgrown our ability to recycle, as recycling sites become over-burned beyond our capacity to use the materials to create ever more goods. A dramatic mindshift must occur.


Perhaps nothing more than the present global financial fiasco can draw attention to the fact that the old systems of greed, unlimited growth, gluttony and corruption must come to an end. In an attempt to divert the US crisis, the US government has now thrown more than 8 trillion dollars at the problem. Imagine this – in a country that has said it cannot afford to have health care for all, it is possible to find trillions of dollars to wage a war in the middle East and to bail out bankers who have been making multimillion dollar salaries and bonuses. The level of greed and entitlement of these CEO’s is no better seen than within AIG. It was not enough that it happened once – but they did it again! This situation will need a total overhaul to make it right and equitable. Will we be as successful in making a transition without a bloody coup as we saw with the taking down of the Berlin Wall? Can we change our ways and our mindsets to be able to come up with refreshingly new values and solutions -  without a bloody coup?

We really want to know what you think. Share your comments.  Track things around you or in your company .  Are there signs to suggest the old methods are no longer working? Are the old solutions no longer relevant? Share your experience and insights with others at this site.


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2 Responses to “Power In Business Is On The Way Out – TAO Slide 2”

  1. David VanAmburg Says:

    Judy, you've done an outstanding job of capturing our discussions in this post. Here are a few related thoughts.

    In the 1800's, English political economist Thomas Malthus, often referred to as the father of quantitative economics, proved with his simple chart that there was not enough wealth to go around, and there never would be, so only one of us can have the available wealth, and "bang" it's me.

    Every summer for years, Buckminster Fuller and hundreds of volunteers gathered to assess the world's assets and liabilities in a process called The World Game. Finally, in 1977, the historic moment arrived and they could prove there was enough wealth to sustain the whole world.

    In 1979, the Rome Convention European business association agreed in their annual written report, the first time a business group ever acknowledged adequate wealth.

    There is enough to go around, and has been for 30 years.

    But we're still stuck in the win-lose mindset.

    A new reality exists around us, but as a society, most of us can't yet see it.

    This reminds me of a friend who moved in to our region many years ago and asked me to take him on a driving tour to look at neighborhoods and properties for sale. We drove past a large Victorian home that had been converted into 6 apartments. He asked what the asking price was. When I replied $28,000, he coughed and exclaimed, "That's not even a down payment in Los Angeles." My reply was simply, "Yes, you see the potential. The folks who grew up here see the past."

    We will look back on this period as one of the strangest possible – that we had enough to share with everyone, yet let more than 100,000 children die of starvation a day; that we chose war and mass killing as the means to "stimulate" our economy.

    We will awaken soon – and none too soon. And the choice to awaken and act responsibly now belongs to each of us.

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