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Corporate MindShift: Transparency


Information transparency is emerging at every level as a force that cannot be stopped. For this trend to positively serve society, it needs to be universal and balanced, not selective to give advantage to groups vying for power and control.

One critical area where we need transparency is in voting results.


The underlying core of our political and social system is the ability to vote for those who wish to serve us, and to know that our votes are accurately counted.

Most Americans are aware of the challenges we face with current electronic voting equipment. Some are even aware of the great work done by Bev Harris at, the equipment testing done at Princeton University, and others committed to saving our country.

Stephanie Frank Singer and others are giving Americans an opportunity to support transparent election systems. Do you care?

I wrote a series of five posts about the potential for voting fraud in a previous blog. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Unfortunately, nothing seems to have improved in the past year.

On the bright side, Stephanie Frank Singer is a one-woman force for change in Pennsylvania voting. It used to cost many thousands of dollars to access Pennsylvania registered voter lists. I found this highly unethical since our tax dollars had already paid for maintaining those lists. Stephanie took the state to court and won.

So now candidates and those working with them can purchase a complete list for $25. Every voter in the state should have sent her a thank you note.


Stephanie’s December email asks supporters to vote for transparent election systems. I didn’t find it on her site, so I’m taking the liberty of reproducing it here.

Friends, family, colleagues and loyal readers,
You probably have figured out by now that election transparency is one of my big causes. Please do me (and American democracy) a personal favor by voting for this issue at The contest (see below for a brief description and a link to more) is intended to identify and create momentum for addressing ten top issues in America.
You will have to join to vote. Joining does not endorse or support any of the many issues discussed on the site, which is basically a social networking site (think Facebook or MySpace) for activists.
The deadline is Wednesday, December 31.

Stephanie Singer
Information about the contest, quoted from the website:

What is Ideas for Change in America?
Ideas for Change in America is a citizen-driven project that aims to identify and create momentum around the best ideas for how the Obama Administration and 111th Congress can turn the broad call for “change” across the country into specific policies.
The project is nonpartisan, and invites all political points of view. It is not connected to the Obama campaign or the Obama Administration.
Who’s behind it?
Ideas for Change in America is a project of, an online community and media network for social issues, in partnership with more than three dozen leading organizations, including MySpace, techPresident, the Sunlight Foundation, Netroots Nation, Declare Yourself, Student PIRGs, Voto Latino, HeadCount, and Change Congress
Want to help nudge things along? Take a minute and support this initiative.

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