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Will we sleep better knowing we have made a few million dollars on a “paper” orsecurity” that is not tied to something tangible and could collapse at any minute? … or will we leave this world pleased we have restored the planet to the beauty and abundance it once held for all?

We had the Slow Food industry, as a backlash to unhealthy eating, now Woody Tasch has initiated his Slow Money movement to offset the lust for speedy profits, at any cost. Tasch is our honored CEO of Enlightened Orgs for the work he is doing to bring sensibility to a world made giddy by financial greed.


Tasch is CEO of Investors Circle, established in 1992, that has put 130 million dollars of investments into 200 socially responsible companies. Most recently, he has founded the Slow Money movement to raise money for investment in local, sustainable agriculture.

Is it possible the solution to our environmental crisis and the financial meltdown could be a as simple as a potted tomato plant on your patio?…

“It’s remarkable but people who grow their own food, who reconnect with the soil, can immediately appreciate the implications of an economy that doesn’t respect the power of ecology”, says Tasch.

Tasch outlines his theory of patient capital in his recently published book, “Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertilizer Mattered.” (Chelsea Green Publishing).

Taschs’ theory is that soil fertility is the most valuable tool we have to fight global warming.

“Food is the field in which we daily explore our harming of the world.” – Gary Snyder, American poet

Recipients of the investment fund will be companies that generate $100,000 to $1 million in annual revenues and who are committed to local, organic food production. This local investment in real companies, producing real products, needed by real consumers, may well be Main Streets perfect solution to the problems generated by the biggest financial meltdown since the depression, linked to abstract financial commodities like hedge funds and derivatives.


In the blush of hope generated by the inauguration of Barak Obama as President, Tasch may well be on to one simple solution that each and every person around the world can participate in that will make a difference to reversing our current environmental and financial devastation.

” If you are investing in a store that is selling local produce and locally made goods, you are building your community. You are building your local enterprise, and it is tangible.”
- Peter Kindler,  President KLD Research & Analytics  (source: Ode Nov.2008)


Becoming more engaged in the origins of our food may not only benefit our physical and financial well-being. I believe it greatly enhances our emotional and spiritual lives. Just try it for a season!

Even if you live in the middle of a highly populated city, it costs only a few pennies to put a tomato plant on your patio…or perhaps, to participate in setting up a community garden. Your commitment to nurturing the plant, and the way in which it repays you with rich abundance of delicious fruit, will dramatically shift your thoughts to higher awareness of the things that are truly important in our lives.


If you know a company that is making a MindShift to serving humanity, while still turning a profit, we would like to know about them. Let us know by contacting:: or leave the information in the comments section of this post.

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