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Finding The Tao Of Business Consciousness

Monday, December 8th, 2008

I’m honored to welcome author and speaker, Judy Berg of British Columbia to Thinking Big Works.

Since retiring from a top communications management position with the Canadian government, she and her husband Jim have built Well Naturally International, a successful network marketing company with Nikken, Inc. and traveled the world.

We have assisted Judy and Jim for two years in the creation of her personal development seminar business, Soul Abundant. I highly recommend her current book, Imagine Your Soul Abundant.

Judy and I are currently writing the book for enlightened businesses, The Tao of Conscious Business: Global Coherence Marketing, which we’ll explore in this blog. Join our conversation. Please share your wisdom and comments.


Peachland Sunrise ~ It is a joy to get up early in the morning when Mother Nature greets you like this! – a picture from my living room window. Here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, I don’t need pictures in my living room. Mother Nature selects a new one for me – hour by hour.

Enlightened Organizations: Inspiration


Increasingly people are wakening to their consciousness, to the purpose of our human experience, and to the reasons for the kinds of organizations we create and manage. (more…)

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