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“Do you pay attention to your thoughts? Do you control them or do they control you? Where do your thoughts come from? Did you choose that thought – or do you just accept the thoughts someone else dumped on you?”


I want to focus on a concept, all too prevalent in our thinking-something that influences our behaviour and dramatically impacts our results-in a less than positive way. It is called DUALITY.


has created a great deal of societal and individual pain throughout man’s history. This mode of viewing the world is linked to all low levels of consciousness. It is noted on the bottom right-hand side of the chart aligning with emotions of Hopelessness, Sadness, shame, Guilt, Grief, Fear, Doubt and Anger.


The idea behind the Law of Attraction is “what we think about, what we emote about”, is what we bring about.  If we are engaged in dualistic modes of thinking, we are emoting at low levels of consciousness, and we bring more of that into our lives.

This is no great new earth shaking concept.  We just haven’t gotten over the idea that what we are experiencing is not just a lot of bad luck – or good luck -  depending on which level of consciousness we are vibrating at. We are only now being brought to awareness that all of this luck business may be within our control.  Just by making a Mindshift.

Think back. Ever gotten out of the “wrong side of the bed” - yelled at the kids, kicked the cat – and shook your head in dismay when someone rear-ended you at a stop light?


Man has looked to the classical physics model to explain the universe, and for the past four hundred years that model has meant a societal consciousness that sees differences, separateness, hierarchies and judgment. This mode of thinking or worldview sees everything as separate and different from everything else.

“Join my religion or you will go to hell”“do what I say I will not love you” – “I am only a clerk”...“Let them eat cake”!

This is the thinking stuff that has divided nations and families.  It drives attitudes of competition and scarcity. “I have to have my share before it is all gone”... or – “I have to have control of the worlds riches to make certain I am well-taken care of – everyone else be damned.”

Does anyone really think human beings were hot-wired for hatred?

Does anyone really think we are hot-wired to be exclusive and separate from our brothers?

Does anyone really think blowing each other up will bring sustainable peace?

If we do… we have very short memories.

Learning to live outside of duality (or to live in nonduality, that I will talk about in another blog) will transform our personal lives, our corporate success,  and our global community.  It is living outside of judgment, evaluation, or separateness.

To transform our mindsets – to make a significant mindshift – to make a ‘world of a difference -  we need to grasp what is meant by the ancient Mayan greeting:

“I am another you.”

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