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Today, we are celebrating the significant acts of two groups of people who are making a difference – first, a group of Canadians doing, 1 million right things...and secondly, 2500 Australians, who peacefully stood up for their beliefs.

My usual approach to this Friday post on Consciousness, is to recognize the inspiring efforts of an individual who is committed to doing something special to make a difference on the planet. We call this person an enlightenor. They are, typically, someone who is quietly going about doing the right things, for the right reasons.

It is exciting to see groups of people coming together – one dream – one team! On Wednesday, February 4th,2009, a Canadian team reached its goal!


CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos, host of the CBC program “The Hour”, challenged individual Canadians to reach a goal of 1 million acts of Green. The idea behind the project is that one small act can make a difference.

“When we all do one act – we act as one – that’s the save the planet effect.

CBC set up a partnership with Cisco and, using a software program called GreenNexxus, a website was established for anyone to record the actions they are taking to demonstrate their commitment to changing the way we live on the planet and the software calculates the amount of greenhouse emissions reduced by their actions.

“We’re asking everyone to get involved: schools and universities, cities and communities, business, politicians, and even celebrities. George and The Hour are challenging other CBC programs to go green, including CBC News, Kids’ CBC, Steven & Chris, Living, and CBC Sports. But most of all, YOU.

Together we can make an impact. Together we can make our lives, our communities, and our environment greener.

“The 1 million acts of green have already saved the planet 58,987, 483 kg of green house gases.

Stroumboulopoulos says the next step is to encourage these people to contact their Members of Parliament to insist that they make an equal or better effort.

The demand for government to pay attention to the environment is also coming from the grass roots level at the other end of the planet. Mums, Dad’s, grandmas and babies in prams…


Gently resisting the direction to stay away from the building, protestors, wearing red shirts and traveling from across Australia, yelled a triumphant cheer when the last hands were clasped, heralding success in their project to circle the parliament building with a human chain, and drawing attention to the lack of responsibility of the government in dealing with climate change and environmental issues.

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“They are calling for urgent action on the climate emergency that threatens Australia’s future and the world.  Their action follows an intense three-day national Climate Summit which produced a list of 2009 campaign objectives:

Newcastle activist, Naomi Hodgson, says, “Today marks a turning point where we say we will not sit on our lounges and watch the government give in to polluting industries and consign us all to an uncertain and dangerous future.”

As we posted yesterday, there is a shift in the climate movement driven by urgency.  Those holding hands around Parliament House today are not a bunch of hippies. We are mothers, scientists, business people, children and commentators. And we all want the same thing – a safe climate future.”

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world – in fact it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meade.


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3 Responses to “The Power Of A Small Group Of People”

  1. Darren Says:

    Hi there

    Thanks for posting on the Day of Action by climate action groups around Australia.

    A full set of beautiful photos from the day are up at:

    Also, here's an interesting post about creative civil disobedience:

  2. JudyBerg Says:

    With the frightening fires and floods happening in Australia right now, this type of grass-roots action is none too soon – not only for Australia but as an example for others around the world as on how to get the attention of government.
    We can't wait for senior officials to take action…time for action is critical and the way is local. I hope the Australian example will be a model for how a quiet, calm committed effort is much more powerful than violent protests.
    You may be interested in reading my Monday blogs over the next few weeks to see the actions being taken by other local citizens…thanks for visiting and commenting, Darren. If you know of other related stories that need to be shared, please tell us.

  3. 2patriarchal Says:


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