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Whether you currently have a business, anticipate starting a business, or want to invest in a business; we believe this model will help you pick the winners!

Abundance, Inter-connectivity and Consciousness are the main characteristics of the emerging economy. Today, I present the third of our trio of slides explaining our TAO of Conscious Business(tm). You can use the links below to review Slides 1 and 2.

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There are many “enlightenors(tm)” who are already forging the new path. We feature them in our Monday postings. It is now time for a critical mass Mindshift. Critical mass will be reached through the acquisition and change in skills, values, mindshifts, and organizational structures, to become an Enlightened Organization.


Several years ago, I was stopped at a traffic light in Edmonton, Alberta, when I noticed a sweet little red-haired girl in the car in front of me staring out the back window and waving energetically.  The car was a very old model, full of rust holes.  The child was bright, happy, and animated.  Then I noticed something scratched into the peeling pain on the back of the trunk.  It read,  “Tomorrow will be a better day.

It is now time to reveal our optimism for the future. In Slide 3, of the TAO of Conscious Business(tm), we begin to paint our bright view for the future.


In our first Blog, Slide 1 on the TAO of Conscious Business(tm), model, we presented an overview of the “V” showing the decline of the old and the emergence of the new. In the second Blog, Slide 2, we explained in greater detail, the phase of Power and Scarcity, the phase that we believe is on the decline. In that blog, we drew attention to some of the events characterizing that devolution. At the apex of the “V” is the point of great confusion.  Certainly, even one episode of the evening news gives credence to the state of confusion we currently find ourselves living in. The upside of the V is what we think needs to happen for business to succeed.


Everything on the planet has been and always will be in a state of evolution. What is different today is the speed at which that evolution is occurring. When the speed of change was slower, it was not necessary to make about-face shifts in the values and means by which we conducted our daily lives and businesses. The luxury of a lull in transition is no longer possible.

Solutions that worked in an Industrial Society will no longer work in this new economy. Whatever this New Society will be called – be it, A Sustainable Society – be it, the Ethics Society – Consciousness Society – or the Existential Society – whatever the label, we believe this Society will be about breaking the last frontier, the frontier of the human mind and the discovery of our true purpose for existence.

Man has conquered the land, the skies and the planets – and now the greatest discovery of all, the last frontier, is within the human mind.  We have found other galaxies and planets, but we are still in search of the meaning for our own existence.


I am fond of this traditional story…

The Creator wanted to find a safe place to put life’s greatest treasures and secrets.

The ground hog said, “Give them to me, I will dig a hole in the ground and bury them.  They will be safe there.”

The Creator responded, “No, man will dig up the ground in search of treasure.  He will surely find it there.”

The squirrel said, “Give them to me. I will climb up into the highest forests and put them into the tops of the tallest trees.  He will not find them there.”

The creator again replied, “No, he will tear down the forests in search of treasures.  He will surely find it there.”

The eagle said, “Give it to me, I will fly to the greatest heights. Man will never find it there.”

To which the Creator again replied, “No, He will build crafts to travel to far away places beyond the skies.”

Then, the Creator paused for a moment, and said, “I know. I will bury it inside of him.  He will never think to search inside himself for life’s greatest treasures.”

Luke 18:16-17

... Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it.”

The rational mind cannot access those inner treasures. They will be found only when we find a complete balance between our creative mind, our rational mind and our spiritutal mind… a balance between left and right hemispheres and prefrontal cortex… what we define as a “MINDSHIFT”.

This biblical quote I think refers to the need to access our inner child, our creative, intuitive, imaginative state, to find the greatest treasures that are buried within us.

The turning point of “Mindshift” and the portal to future success begins with “ME”.  I must come to terms with who I AM before I can raise to greater heights.  Once I make the change within me, once I search for and find the treasures within myself, only then, can it emanate outwards and influence change in my environment and profound change in my results.

On our TAO of Conscious Business(tm) model we set out several key components of the new reality.  Each of these factors will be discussed in depth over the next weeks.

  • Creativity
  • Intuition and Cognition
  • A “We vs Me” worldview
  • Gratitude and BE – ingness
  • Technology
  • Green and Sustainable living
  • Hope – for all
    We invite you to join in on these discussions with your ideas, challenges and stories.


Organizational Behaviour Consultant
Imagine Your Soul Abundant: Attracting Success, Fulfillment and True Happiness
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udy  Berg  has been intrigued by organizational behavior throughout her career in the Canadian federal government where she held the position of Director of Public Affairs and Communications. She often stepped out on a limb “nudging” senior managment to embrace the “softer” side of organizational change.  There was much more to effective change processes than “shifting the chairs on the Titanic”.  Today, she is passionate about bringing this message to all organizations as it becomes clearer that an organizational revolution is underway. Her observations of this process over the past two and one half decades, is summarized in the”TAO of Conscious Business” trio of slides.

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