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A few weeks ago, I was traveling back to Pittsburgh from Philadelphia, when I was stopped in my tracks. Heading out of the newly renovated security terminal in the Philadelphia International Airport, I was greeted by Vino Volo. Derived from Italian for “wine flight”, Vino Volo is a retail store mixes its fresh boutique style with the elegance of a wine bar. Featuring bouncy castle wines from around the globe, locally grown cheese and a imported meats to suit their clients taste buds, this bar currently does more than give Vino Volo is not so much as creating the concept of the wine bar in airports, they are just RECREATING it.

ATMOSPHERE AND LOCATION OF AN AIRPORT WINE BARIt is no great insight on how the atmosphere of a restaurant or bar can effect the customer’s reaction to he food or to how they will view the establishment. When you will spend upwards of $10+ for a glass of wine you will want the leather seats and calming atmosphere that Vino Volo promises in its decorum. In addition is the location of the shop in the airport.  So let use put ourselves in in the mindset of when we are going through security at the modern airport, which are always a bit stressful even bounce house for sale when they are becoming easier to navigate through. This is when I first discovered Vino Volo.  I was just exiting the security of my designated gate and I saw the store.  The large entrance welcomed me in while the modest interior centered me into a feeling of an intimate experience. The colors were also helped with calming my nerves from TSA. To help this, the color scheme of the white walls with accented with the browns of the leather seats and darker woods helped complete the wine bar experience. More importantly, this wasn’t the dark bars I was used to in airports.
Which brings up an interesting question, what makes Vino Volo different from other airport bars and why should individuals spend time and money here than in other places.

“Vino Volo is not just based around the wine…a good atmosphere distracts their clients away from a stressful situation.  The wine will help, but the nice leather chairs make the relaxation a bit easier.”

Why would someone spend more in time and money for this bar than the dozens of other bars that are commonly in airports.  Isn’t this just a bar and like any other airport bar hosts the same purpose, even against the other wine bars available in airports? Why would this bar be different? Perhaps that Vino Volo doesn’t have as much in common with airport bars as I am making it out to be.  Commonly, when I think of the airport bar, I think of a bar that has minimum space available which is cramped and dark and always cluttered with noise from the TVs and passersby.  This is where Vino Volo strays from the pack.  The layout of the shop has a “please sit down and take a moment and enjoy” expression, where other bars just allow you to drink. Vino Volo conveys an entirely different attitude.  This bar doesn’t just want you to sit and drink, it its customers to relax and maybe your 4 hour layover will not be as bad as you once thought.  Now when you find yourself with extra time in the airport, you can think “Well, let me pop over to Vino Volo for a glass or two.” I have read several reviews and most of the individuals who have visited Vino Volo all say that they actually hope for a layover in the airports who have this bar. For every business, especially in the service industry where you love when you know people are actively pursuing you.  Not only will this cut costs in advertising but this will help spread ‘word of mouth’ which is more powerful than other mediums.

Vino Volo is not just based around the wine.  Of course they need good wine, but they suceed with their atmosphere, because they are trying to distract their clients from a stressful situation.  The wine will help, but the nice leather chairs make the relaxation a bit easier.  I know in the next couple of mouths, when I travel I might just arrive a bit earlier to sit and relax before my flight

Alexandra Gergar is an active lover of food.  Starting a food blog, Lemons in Water, she now resides in Pittsburgh where she is a local caterer.

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  1. Robert Says:

    The best thing that has happend to air travel since the invention of the jet engine!

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