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Last week, I listed 10 behaviours that need to change for the network marketing industry to earn the respect it deserves. That list was not intended to be inclusive, but rather a good starting point for an industry revolution.

In using my Law of Attraction model for change, the first thing we talk about is what we don’t want.  We did that last week. Now, that is done. So, let’s focus on what needs to replace these behaviors. I will take the list of 10 items, one at a time, and discuss them over the next weeks on our Thursday blogs.


1.  The Big Guy Breathing in the background.

Historically, the approach taught to network marketers is to make a 100 name list. Once that list is written down, the idea is the sponsor sits down with you and you begin to call these people, letting them know you would like them to join you in a great business venture, and together, you will make a great deal of money.

Depending on the company training approach, the sponsor may sit quietly and listen to what you say, and give you feedback after the call is over…

…Or, they may jump in when it seems appropriate…

…Or, they may be introduced, and let the person on the receiving end of the call know that they are on the line, and that they are there to answer any questions or to provide a company overview.


This marketing approach was developed about 60 years ago – at a time when annoying marketing calls were not as frequent as they are today. Maybe, back then, people were happy just to hear their phone ring. But marketing approaches need to reflect the current times…and marketing calls are not on anyone’s Christmas list that I know of!


a)  The 100 name list

This list may still have some relevance, as it helps you to focus on who might benefit from your products. And, this brings up the real network marketing issue…what are you really selling?


Most traditional network marketers would say, without equivocation “It is the business”.  They will tell you that people want to make money, they don’t want to spend money. That your network marketing business will not grow unless you sign up people who want to do the business.


This position seems to ignore my experience that only about 3% of network marketers actually sponsor and build their own networks. Most use the products, and sell to friends and family. That means, if you are doing this as a business, your greatest income will come from faithful product users.It also means you are in a company that is in compliance with federal regulations, requiring consultants to make external sales to customers… now that, will be another discussion!


Many decades ago - (smile) – my husband was approached by two high school buddies who had just purchased a GM dealership.  They wanted him to join them.  He was an educator, and at the time, President of an adult vocational school.  He declined. Why? “Because”, he said, “I am not interested in selling cars.” Well, those two friends went on to make millions and sold the dealership when they were in their mid-thirties – neither has worked since.

How does Jim feel? Just fine. “I did not want to sell cars.”


If the person you are talking to is not emotionally connected to the product… but jumps on board only for the idea of making money… you – and they – will soon be looking at a failure.


b) Who is on the list?

Certainly, make the list… but, in my opinion, the list is made up of people you know are interested in this line of products – either because they, or someone they know, has a need, or may have a need – or because your service or product line is an interest of theirs, and making a living from something they already have expressed interest in, will catch their attention.


honesty – integrity – transparency

Those are your skills in this business. When in doubt,ask yourself, “Is this how I would like to be treated?”

c)  If you bring someone else on the call – introduce them immediately - and explain why they are on the call and what can be expected from them!

d) Ask permission - “Is it ok with you that *** stays on the call with us?”

e) Ask if this is a good time to talk to them about something you are doing that COULD be of interest to them?

f) Ask if they are interested in… (whatever it is your company does and if they would like to hear what you are doing) - if they do not give permission to continue, thank them very much for imposing on their time, and SINCERELY wish them well. End it right there! End it right there!… can I say that again… End it right there!!!! Don’t try to get them to change their minds. Be gracious and exit!!!


You may have friends with whom it would be very natural for you to pick up the phone and say the above things. But I would really, really discourage you from doing this with people you have not had contact with for some time. It is so self-serving.

Get in touch with them, just because you are interested in what they are doing. If it appears you have a fit – bring it up – ANOTHER TIME! Slow money is the FAST way to success in this business.

How you should handle this is so easy – just get yourself out of the self-serving mode – and the idea you are going to make a whole lot of money, if this person would just join you. Think about them instead.

And remember, this shift in thinking towards customer relations for network marketing is no different than the shift in thinking that has to happen for all business.

Instead of thinking about ME – start thinking about WE – what is good for them – is also likely going to be good for you in the log run, as well.


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author: Imagine Your Soul Abudant: Attracting Success, Fulfillment and True Happiness
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8 Responses to “We Started The Revolution-Now What!”

  1. James Irvin Says:

    Thinking about what is best for the customer has and is always the way to success.

  2. David VanAmburg Says:

    Judy, I think this is a brilliant article. There are millions of people looking daily for ways to maintain by purchasing quality services and products at the best prices. Most of them will gladly purchase from someone they trust if the quality, price and delivery are comparable to the market.

    The network marketer who understands 1) the need to sell their products and support their customers, then 2) the subsequent advantage of providing the same business opportunity to others, is the business person who will succeed.

    And those who follow their passion are the truly successful ones. Congratulations to Jim for realizing his purpose and path in life. I once was offered to purchase a demolition company at a great price, but could not visualize myself as successful with the junkyard that was the integral part of the business.

    I look forward to #2 next week. Thanks.

  3. Truus Claassen Says:

    Thank you Judy, for making clear on how to use "the Big Guy Breathing in the background" if someone is inclined to have the 'help' of another person. However, if I was the person being prospected, to know that "my friend" needed the help of someone else to convince me to join him/her in the business, it would be a definite turn-off for me!

  4. Peter G Says:

    I agree with your thought Judy… people if they are going to do network marketing as a business they have to find the way that will excites them to get up in the morning to do it, not "the Big Guy Breathing". I think a new age in network marketing has come and therefore "new ways" in doing the business. Most of all it has to be Fun and give the person doing what they are doing joy.
    Find that and you'll have success.

  5. JudyBerg Says:

    You are so right Truus – if we just stop for a minute and think about "how would I feel if…" OR "how would I like someone to relate to me… more often than not, we would do the right thing. Sometimes we get pressured, by the teachings in the industry that we, "must get out of our comfort zone."

    Unfortunately, this has often meant that we stop trusting our intuition, and we try to do what we think some wiser, more "industry-saavy" person tells us to do.

    I say, "trust your instincts, your intuitions, your ethics – and forever change the way the business is done".

  6. JudyBerg Says:

    Absolutely! – People generally look to network marketing as a ray of hope from the trap of the 9-5. They are excited about being their own boss, being in control of their decisions… if it isn't fun – they might as well keep doing what they are presently doing :)

  7. Peter G Says:

    I just wonder in the excitement of starting something new how many people remember to "give it time" and that is part of the problem. They then start jumping from one company to another just like bargain hunting. Therefore they end up not creating anything of value. Then you hear comments of this was just a "get rich scheme" or it only works for the few. When all they really need to do is fall in love with the process and the product and give it time. I think in the new ray of hope that is being talked about this will be a respectable profession… and just like any profession it will take some time to learn it or like the trades you learn your craft by working with a master trades person. Humm maybe I'm on to something? What an idea!

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