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I like the quote from Andy Warhol, “They say time changes things but you actually have to change them yourself.” One of my best life lessons was coming to the realization that when I changed the way I looked at a situation – the situation itself seemed to change - when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change!


In our current economic dilemma, we become increasingly aware that some things have to be done dramatically differently for corporations and businesses to succeed and come out of this downturn, not only intact, but thriving. In my career in senior management, we often heard the phrase, “Organizations need to change to adapt to changing times.” Well, I first heard those comments almost two decades ago.  It seems very few companies have been able to stick with the thinking process long enough to determine just what changes need to be made.


Or, maybe they did come to conclusions about what actually had to happen – but they didn’t like what they discovered – that it was not a restructuring of the organization that would make the difference -it was a whole restructuring of the thinking processes, attitudes, values, etc of the people in the organization that was where phenomenal and lasting change would occur.

“Our life is what our thoughts make it.” – Marcus Antonnius, Roman Emperor


There has been much said about organizations needing to become more creative. Often that results in setting up a research or innovation section. That still sidesteps personal responsibility. I believe the successful organizations will be those who recognize the critical value of accessing the fully functioning minds of all employees -  and that involves understanding current brain research.


For purposes of simplicity, the left hemisphere of the brain is often referred to as the rational, logical mind. This function is highly revered in western corporations. Many of the left-brain functions can now be dealt with through technology, or easily taught to people in emerging economies.


Intuitive, creative, innovative thought resides in the right hemisphere. This function in most organizations, if accessed at all, is often deferred to the Communications, Research or Innovation departments and specific hirees are jettisoned into the organization based on their skills for creativity.


This more recently studied part of the brain, exists in the front area of the head, more commonly referred to in eastern thought, as the Third Eye.  Brain research is pointing to this area as that which is being activated when compassionate, loving, ethical, spiritual thoughts are engaged.  It is also called the Executive functioning area of the brain. It is where we learn to discern right from wrong, feel compassion, and understand the consequences of our actions.

This part of the brain is believed not to be fully functioning until the mid-twenties. Some researchers believe that stress blocks the synapses or messages from the impulse areas of the brain to the prefrontal cortex. If that is the case, dealing with reduction of stress in the workplace would be essential to incorporating more ethical, moral, and spiritual thought. Our present economic and political situations might suggest this part of our brain power is not being accessed much, if at all, by some banking systems, organizations, or political powers.


It is my belief that successful organizations, and there are many examples out there already, will be those who combine all three lobes in a balanced fashion. Each individual will be engaged in activating their intuitive, creative, innovative abilities, choosing actions that will have the best possible outcomes for the greatest number of people, and carrying out those ideas in a logical, well thought-out plan.

My Monday Blog, Enlightened Orgs Best Practices, celebrates those balanced, beautiful minds and their accomplishments. In past economic recessions or depressions there were winners and losers. It will be so again.

This time, I believe the companies that will be most competitive will be those who can access and balance the full capabilities of the human mind…intuitive, creative, innovative, logical, rational, ethical, moral and spiritual.

Is your company aware that change is required but just not sure how to begin? As a former corporate manager, I know the challenges of introducing new concepts with the existing leadership.  There are advantages to an unbiased third party facilitation. Contact me to discuss your organizations needs and to customize an approach suitable for your circumstance...  info@soulabundant.com.


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  1. James Irvin Says:

    North Americans tend to be solution oriented and quick to act with little thought given to the unintended long term consequences. Your emphasis on utilizing the whole brain but in proper sequence is bang on. Clearly understanding the problem and possible creative, innovative and intuitive responses requires a corporate mind shift. Right brain thinking before left brain action

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