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Blurred Vision?

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When sharing your vision both the content and timing are vital to successful communication. I’d like to share an old story from a different era about one man’s failure to inspire his spouse to a higher level of performance.


It sure seemed like a good idea. Let’s reward the guys with a home cooked meal. After a full shift (8+ hours) of drinking and carousing, some nourishment was in order. It’s not easy to imbibe for this duration and so the chosen few should be recognized for their feat. So, Joe invited the gang to his house for an early morning treat.
They entered the house with all the decorum of a gaggle of geese in heat. When you’re inebriated, you never sound loud to yourself or your fellow companions. It’s the sober souls that have the overly sensitive ears. Joe and his compadres gathered near the foot of the stairs and Joe called out to his lovely bride upstairs. As she appeared, Joe shared his plan for her to prepare a gourmet feast of bacon, eggs, home fries, toast and coffee for him and his posse of revelers. To Joe’s surprise and astonishment, his bride was not an enthusiastic participant in his vision. In fact, she told him what he could do with his suggestion in very graphic terms.

Joe, leaning on the post for moral support, stood tall in front of his buddies and indignantly responded, What, no Brefass? It’s another little known fact that drinking brings with it a shortened vocabulary. Isn’t brefass more succinct and colorful than breakfast? Doesn’t it convey a certain visual image?

The harsh reality was this “band of brothers” were on their own. No food in this Inn.

Moral: Not Everyone Shares Your Vision! (Know the right time to reveal it.)

Greg Pashke , CMC is  President of Pashke Consulting and provides business mentoring, strategic and tactical planning, and financial modeling services. Greg is a big proponent of The One Page Plan approach to managing the day to day performance of an organization. He is committed to continuous learning and skill development. Greg’s mantra is “to get a lot done & have a lot of fun”.
Website: http://www.pashkeconsulting.com/

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