Why Is The Law Of Attraction – A Law? – Chapter 1

Understanding natural laws for success
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To help in explaining this Law of Attraction business, and how it actually works, I thought today I would give you the first chapter of my book, “Imagine Your Soul Abundant: Attracting Success, Fulfillment and True Happiness”.

I have been studying these concepts for several decades but it was about 10 years ago that I totally immersed myself in understanding there were some things determining success or lack of success, that did not fit into the planning framework I had been taught.

I was adept at the traditional strategic planning processes, but I now found myself in a situation where it seemed the best plans and skill sets were not enough to bring about desired results. That is when my mind opened to other possibilities…

How is an individual mind able to resonate its pattern to another mind? One would certainly feel a new awareness. Is this cosmic consciousness? Is this what is happening now to so many? I believe the answer is ‘yes’. We are beginning a new age of awareness, the age of quantum consciousness, the age of the conscious atom. By looking within ourselves, we may be able to solve the problems facing us on the final frontier – the frontier of the human spirit.
- Dr. Fred Alan Wolfe, quantum physicist,  Taking the Quantum Leap



What’s all this fuss about abundance, success, higher consciousness, and the Law of Attraction? Where is this coming from ? Why now?

Throughout history, people have searched for meaning and purpose. Now, amazing discoveries in science are bringing scientific and spiritual philosophies into alignment, helping us to better understand life’s purpose and our relationships to each other. Driving this movement to reuniting science and spirituality is quantum mechanics. Just think! Scientific thought separated us from a sense of purpose or meaning and now, it is through new discoveries in quantum science, we are being presented with a profoundly new spiritual way of BEING in the world.

Much of the buzz can be linked to atomic discoveries in the early part of the twentieth century. Scientists split the atom into subatomic parts, expecting to see smaller and smaller particles. What they discovered astounded them. At the smallest level, it was not a particle but a wave. It was energy! But wait a minute! One moment it was energy, the next moment it was a particle! Matter is energy or energy is matter! How bizarre! The physical world we think exists, does not exist at all! It is instead a mass of rapidly moving molecules changing in form depending on the expectations of whoever is looking at it!

If the Observer is determining form… if the Observer is creating reality…then the Observer is an interconnected piece of the end result! The Observer and the Observed are connected and influencing each other to determine what will  unfold! There truly is no “in here” or “out there”.

If that is happening at the micro level, is it possible to use this model to explain life at the macro level? It was several decades after the initial discoveries of the nature of the subatomic before implications for human consciousness were explored.

Can you wrap your mind around all of this? You are energy, interconnected with all other energy fields, and you are determining reality through your expectations! There is no separation between the Observer, matter or energy. Quantum physics is unveiling an extraordinary truth, a truth of energy frequencies continuously weaving through all things, animate and inanimate. As the Observer, we create – our past, present, and future.

This way of being emphasizes our inter-connectivity and reconnects with our identity or purpose. Ancient spiritual avatars taught we are all brothers and part of something greater than the physical body walking on the planet. Discoveries in quantum physics are now proving the truth of the spiritual messages of those prophets, mystics, and sages.

There is value in looking back in time, not only to see how far we have come in understanding who we are and why we are here, but also to realize there is still so much to discover. Astonishingly, a mere 500 years ago, nothing more than a nanosecond in the estimated 14 billion year history of the planet, everyone believed the world was flat. Today, we know the world is round. If we had it so wrong about the “flat-world stuff” for all those years, is it possible there are other ideas or beliefs as incorrect as a flat earth? How many other life-changing truths are yet to be revealed?

The Law of Attraction is one such life-changing concept arising out of quantum physics awareness that the universe is a huge sea of energy. In that sea, as Wallace Wattles said almost 100 years ago, prior to the discovery of quantum physics...

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made and which in its original state permeates, penetrates, and fills the interspaces of the universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.”
-Wallace Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich

Our connection with this “thinking stuff”, how we transform this energy into thought, which then, manifests into reality is explained through the Law of Attraction. There are no empty spaces. The universe is a teeming mass of energy from which all creation arises from the divine “thinking stuff”. Quantum physics confirms this connection to the energy world.

Not only is this mind-boggling, it is the path to a new way of experiencing our world.

“Drawing on her years of experience as a Law of Attraction coach, Judy Berg presents an intriguing synthesis of ideas, while providing some much-needed clarity around the science behind the law. This original and compelling guide to attracting success is underscored by Berg’s hopeful but urgent appeal: Abundance begins as an inside job. As we learn to internalize a high vibration, we contribute to a global movement towards ethics, spirituality, and consciousness. This is a must-read for anyone who cares about the future of our planet.
- Blythe Bohonas, M.A

Since writing the book and after almost a decade of working with individuals to understand this new way of achieving results, I am excited to combine my extensive background in senior management to also take these much-needed ideas into the future of the workplace.

Welcome to my new website I have set up to link to the work I am doing in this area, and the work I am doing in collaboration with VanAmburg Group and Mutual Gravity:



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