Will Health Be The Biggest Erosion Of Your Wealth?

When Health Erodes Wealth

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Baby boomers are quaking over the 30 – 50% erosion of their retirements funds, while the biggest threat facing the status of their long-term financial well-being may be closer to home, and within their control.

The winning secret of hockey’s all-time great, Wayne Gretsky, has been much quoted and has relevance in being on top of your financial-future game. Gretsky said the key to his success was simply, “I don’t go to where the puck is…I go to where the puck will be.”

Today we have a lot of pre-retirees, baby boomers born between 1946 and 1964, now ranging in age from 45-63, anxiously looking over the shoulders of their financial planners, wondering how to recover the retirement loses they have seen in the past year.


Their concern about finances and retirement may be overshadowing the … “where the puck will be”...an even bigger threat that is looming out of a daily routine of high stress, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation and eating habits creating the highest levels of obesity ever recorded. The emerging threat is the high cost of aging…sick.


Despite the abundance of research pointing to the long-term negative health effects of these key factors (sleep, exercise, stress, nutrition), there seems to be little wide-spread acceptance, by individuals or corporations, of the critical need to take action. With a few rare exceptions, most corporations are not protecting themselves, or their workforces, by demanding employees take care of their personal health. This is ironic when there is no longer any debate about the high cost of downtime to an organization from employee illness and/or long-term disability costs.

I guess this lack of concern shouldn’t be all that surprising when the one industry, Health Care, that should be the model for wellness is one of the worst offenders. I am appalled at the 80-100 hour work weeks, and shifts often in excess of 24-36 hours, put in by medical residents. If the medical profession doesn’t get it…who will?


We would like to hear from you. Is your company a model for promoting health? How do you compare to other companies around the world? Please take a few minutes and provide us with your comments. If you feel your company is doing some exceptional work we would love to profile them.

The health of your company is a reflection of the health of your employees.

Changes do not have to be huge to make a positive impact. Something as simple as serving herbal teas, water, juice bouncy castle and fresh fruit at staff meetings rather than coffee and donuts…or taking a stretch break, doing simple neck and back massages, or deep breathing, will increase well-being…and productivity.

Each simple act adds up to a greater awareness of health and wellness. It is an investment in protecting your financial future. When one wins, we all win. When one is healthier, our society becomes healthier.


If you know a company that is making a Mindshift towards serving humanity while still turning a profit, we would like to know about them. Let us know by contacting::
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