Women Office-Workers Prefer Computers To Men: Study

CosmoGirl Article: “Sometimes relationships can get a little too serious, and when that happens it might be a good idea to regress to childhood. Begin with some flirty kisses on his chest and abs, and then when he least expects it, blow on his tummy and tickle him.” If this is for young teen fun, what do they recommend in seriousness?”

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“An online poll of more than 2,600 US adults conducted by Harris Interactive shows women office workers spend nearly triple the amount of time with their computer as they do with their significant other – 9.3 hours with the disk drive and keyboard compared with 3.6 hours with their human partner.

“And only one in five of the women says she wishes she could spend more time with her partner than with her computer, even if the latter causes them pain, often in the form of carpal tunnel syndrome, according to the poll.”

Women office-workers prefer computers to men: study – Technology – smh.com.au

But we’re still selling the ultimate wedding fantasy, the lived happily ever after with my prince dream, and sex everywhere!

What have these women experienced that fundamentally changes their life dreams? Where is the real life dream?

And will anyone from CosmoGirl or McCann Erickson admit that the model is dysfunctional yet?

Read Sheila Gibbons’ article, Teen Magazines Send Girls All the Wrong Messages. http://www.womensenews.org/article.cfm/dyn/aid/1580

“The ying and yang of being simultaneously irresistible and virginal fill page after page. Impressionable teens (and pre-teens) are being whip-sawed by the mixed messages.”

Is this marketing-run-amok, sales-for-the-sake-of-sales?

What if advertisers began to think of and treat their market like their own daughters? Would they find life long trusted relationships emerge?

Let’s get a vision, folks, of the world we want to create. Then let’s market it with the phenomenal skills and experience of the business pros that we are.


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