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Introducing, a Web 2.0 company focused on connecting generous contribution with the creative potential of those living in poverty. Kiva’s mission is simple: “to connect people through lending for the sake of alleviating poverty.” I had the pleasure of listening to Co-Founder Jessica Flannery speak this past weekend at Jubilee in Pittsburgh. Her speech offered two valuable insights:

1) A glimpse of hope - the poor of the world have the talent and creativity to become self sustaining…all they need is a boost in the form of capital
Advice – on how to realize the dream of any company, Kiva’s Story has something to offer to all of us.

FROM $14,000 TO OVER $60,000,000 IN LOANS

Kiva has its roots in the same soil as many other non-profit and charitable organizations…a person or people have a dream to make a difference.  Basically, one small loan to a Ugandan start up blossomed into this immense global network of micro-financers.  Read more about how Kiva works here.


Co-Founder Jessica Flannery is a very passionate person whose enthusiasm has aided in the growth of Kiva over the past few years. But enthusiasm was not the only way Kiva has come to be where it is.  Check out this Poptech interview with Jessica Flannery and you will see what I mean.

Can’t see it? Get FlashPlayer, or view at Poptech.


  • JUST START – You may never have perfect information, just start! When you make mistakes, look to Jessica’s next piece of advice
  • ITERATE – Learn as you go and be prepared to do another version…another iteration. Don’t view mistakes as failures, view them as opportunities to create the next iteration.  Every step is an iteration rather than a failure and retry.
  • “CO – CREATION” of content – is filled entrepreneurs stories, loaner stories, and new logos created by the loaner groups.  The site is not just owned by organization but by everyone.
  • BRAND OPENNESS – People have created Kivapedia’s, Kiva Video Channels, even an office on Second Life. Kiva lets anyone to re-create the brand in a new way. By allowing everyone to have creative control over the brand, so much more has been created than originally concieved.

    The power of creativity isn’t necessarily within the organization, but through the new and fresh eyes of others.
  • KNOW YOUR MISSION – Jessica mentioned in her speech at Jubilee, Kiva had an offer of $10 million dollars from a large company, but they didn’t want to follow through with the connection. Kiva is not only about the financing, it is about bringing people all over the world together and gain vested interest in each other….Kiva turned down the $10 million.


Along with a receiving a BS in Marketing at the University of Pittsburgh, Nick enjoys spending time with service and Christian organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, an organization focused on themes of learning, creating, building and serving. Does anyone want to start a community on kiva?

Work Hard, Take it Easy

Nick Corsi

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