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The global economy is in transition. Times of transition are accompanied by stress and uncertainty. Transition means a journey into new and uncharted waters. Which means, no one has the answers. A prime example can be found in the debates raging around the world on how best to handle this first-ever global financial crisis.

Be at least as interested in what goes on inside you as what happens outside. When you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.Primary reality is within, secondary reality is without. -Eckhart Tolle, author, The New Earth

Intuition is a guidance that comes from within. It is our inner self. It comes from a feeling place and seems to signal something that is TRUTH for us.

We have structured a society with heavy reliance upon outside expert sources and double-blind studies to tell us what we should think and how we should act. Advertising bombards us daily in an attempt to shape our thoughts. We have lost touch with our own guidance systems.

In a physical world, you are guided by your five basic senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. In a conceptual world, you are guided by a sensory system that is much maligned in western society – your sense of intuition.


“Why does it take so much time to create the reality you choose?  This is why; because you have not been living your truth.” – Neal Donald Walsh, author, Conversations with God

If we are constantly reliant upon outer sources for our decision-making, it does take us a long time to create the reality we  prefer. Our challenge is to learn to quiet the outer noises so we can begin to hear our inner voice of intuition.

The Intuitive Mind
is a sacred gift
And the rational mind
Is its faithful servant.
We have created a society
That honors the servant
And has forgotten the gift.
-Albert Einstein

“…trusting your intuition is really about trusting yourself, your whole being sometimes in the face of seemingly logical arguments of others and the constant chattering of your own mind.” - Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, author Mayan Prophecies and Transformation of Consciousness


On a sheet of paper, draw a circle 2 inches in diameter in the centre of the page. Dissect the page into four equal parts.
In the upper left, write SHOULDS …upper right, BUTS …lower left, FEARS… lower right, DOUBTS.

In the upper left, record the things others think you SHOULD …BE – HAVE or DO.
In the upper right, record the BUTS, you keep telling yourself that hold you back from  what you want to… BE – HAVE or DO.
In the lower left, record the FEARS that limit your from what you want to…BE-HAVE or DO.
In the lower right, record the DOUBTS that keep playing over and over…slowing you down from what you want to…BE -HAVE or DO

As a thought hits you that seems more connected with your truth or inner desires, write it in the inner circle…this is where you will begin to track your intuitive truth.


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